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  1. Different cities mate. One is in Sunderland and not Barnes, London, where prices are crazy!
  2. Yet, they are still recruiting. I don't understand what is going on internally.
  3. No, they have to pay for the book, some fee, every x times that book has been taken out.
  4. I agree. My family go to the library. They have book clubs and a lot of things dedicated to kids. I am in the top 10% earners in the UK, so contrary to what that other person said, it is only for poor kids.
  5. Can't tell you the exact department, but it seems pretty chilled out by talking to its members. Currently where I sit, it is pretty brutal too. [Edit] So it makes it a hard decision.
  6. This is a particular problem I have to face at the moment. Do I trust them enough seeing that they have just made 10% of their staff redundant. Was this redundancy necessary or do they like to churn?
  7. If you are an undergraduate and you have been studying before the change in the law, the courses are still £700, so I carry on with my degree. I am not 60 however.
  8. The republic's take on this: http://www.republic.org.uk/updates/?p=760
  9. Popular, put it to referendum, then we will know how popular. Until then, a very noisy minority.
  10. And I agree on that too. I use to run that Gordon Brown group on facebook where they call him Satan. Then I got into finance....
  11. I never voted her in, so why is she there. She is overstepping her mark IMO.
  12. Didn't say I am against it, just pointing out the irony that the Dutch were very anti-apartheid, only to start considering practicing it themselves 20 years later... That is all.
  13. Must be quite a plush hotel and are they travelling in from the Middle East or Africa? Because £500 travel covers that range. I know the rail is getting pricey, but we're not there yet... Maybe next year, but not yet...
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