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  1. Hi, Just after an insight really, I have a few shares here and there and was wondering what happens when a companies debt becomes so bad they have no choice to swap that debt for an equity stake? Obviously this is no good for the person swapping but what happens to us shareholders if someone else takes over the company? Are our shares still valid even if they're worth very little? When do you actually loose your shares? What happened to people with NR shares, do they still have them even though they are worth very little? Could someone have bought right at the bottom and maybe be doing ok? Cheers for any info!
  2. So i'm pretty sure the deposit in the correct place, we did do an inventory check originally and I think it was quite fair and I honestly think the condition is the same as when we checked in. We were happy to give the landlord over 2 months notice and pay rental to the end of a month although we would be leaving two weeks before the end of the period but now the landlord is being a pain I feel less inclined to do them a favor. Personally I would rather give them another letter giving a months notice and leave when we're ready then if we have to pay a unreasonable amount for cleaning we would have covered it with the amount saved on rent. I feel so stupid for not making an issue of the other items before, I felt they weren't show stoppers but it's amazing how quickly people turn when money is involved. Who decides what a reasonable amount is for the cleaning? Is it the people who checked us in? Do I get my deposit returned in full then pay the cleaning bill out of that or does the landlord intercept the money from the people holding it?
  3. Hi, I moved in to rented about 15 months ago, signed a 12 month contract with an 8 month break, during that period there have been a few things that have gone wrong which are the following: •Boiler sometimes fails to work •Leak in the loft water tank causing part of the ceiling to hang down •Damp which has made some walls, window frames and some of our possessions mouldy •Rodents in the utility room which have made it into the kitchen We mentioned the rodent problem to the landlord and he just gave us a mouse trap and said it's part of living in the country. When the tank in the loft started leaking he came round and fixed it but left a small part of the ceiling hanging down. When I gave him my notice I wrote in the letter that we were concerned about the damp as it's not that healthy and some of the walls are damaged and he said just open the windows, we pointed out that it has always been damp and leaving the windows open in the middle of winter isn't ideal. On giving my notice the landlord warned me that he would have to get professional cleaners in when we left as they had been in before we arrived and we would have to pay for the service. I was a little shocked as the place was obviously not cleaned before us as we had to clean cupboards, the cooker hood and the oven. We've been quite good tenants and have refrained from hassling when there have been issues, maybe we were naive but now i'm worried he's going to take us for a load of money! When our 12 month contract ended, he gave us another one to sign which stated that we would go onto a rolling contract but we had to give two months notice when leaving. We have found a place to move into and have given over two months notice but we'll be ready to move out two weeks before our retnal period ends. I was originally happy to pay the rest of the month that we are not there but now he's trying to take me for cleaning bills it makes me want to leave and not pay for the final two weeks. By leaving two weeks early I would save enough money so if he did try and hold back some of my deposit we'll be able to cover it by the money saved on rent. Who decides if the place needs cleaning professionally? And what's a reasonable cost? Can I give notice again to my landlord only giving him 1 months notice and leave early? Thanks for any advice.
  4. Thanks for the info So is 0.6 written in stone? I guess I have to weight up the value of selling the shares as they climb a little as apposed to taking Lloyds shares. What happens if HBOS price go up to £2 per share? Does the % of Lloyds shares go up or is this 0.6 ratio fixed?
  5. So I have a few HBOS shares and I guess they're pretty dead now as the takeover looks like it's going to be announced soon. What happens to my shares in a takeover? Do they get transferred to LloydsTSB or do I get given cash in exchange for my share, if I do get cash, how is the value determined? Cheers.
  6. So I've just signed up to http://www.hoodlessbrennan.com/ they charge £8 per trade (+0.5% Stamp duty) this rate drops to £6.50 if you do more than a certain amount of trades in a quarter. So is there a a better and cheaper service than this?
  7. Hi, Before I start I should give a quick bit of background as otherwise I fear for my life… Sold in August last year, been sitting in rented ever since and whilst the place we're renting is cheap it's damp and has other problems. Whilst looking to move in to another rental we spotted a house for sale in a road we have been watching for ages. After a couple of viewings, we had what we feel is a cheeky offer excepted. Basically at the peak of prices, the extended house next door was worth about £510k the one we're going for has a better plot although needs another bedroom adding but we're getting this fella for around £365k which after the extension is about £90k-£100k off the peak price so not a bad saving at the moment (20%). This initial saving is partly because we're able to get a mortgage whilst some can't and the people selling have personal issues which is leading to a massively dropped price. We honestly believe prices will drop further but this road is in a small town and is always in demand because of the catchment area and in the last crash this town dropped less than most so i'm hoping this time it will stand up a little better than others. So I'm about to get a mortgage and there's a few options between fixed and trackers, I like the thought of fixed as it allows you to budget but as our mortgage is going to be quite small maybe we should risk another type. What do people feel about interest rates for mortgages and does the recent circus make it impossible to guess? Cheers.
  8. So got my currency from travelex and got just under 1.82, not awful so I have reserved it for pickup at no extra cost (up to 60 days before traveling). Now here's a trick, you can reserve the money and cancel it 24hrs before pick up and you only have to pay £10 cancellation fee, so you're able to effectively reserve the money at the current rate, if it goes up, cancel and re-order it, if not then just stick with the rate you got whilst everybody walks round with a frown as they only got 1.65 This is only worth it if you have enough currency to get and there's a maximum limit of £2500 for each person but it's a good method to insure yourself against future fluctuations £2500 x 1.82 = $4550 £2500 x 1.65 = $4125 4550 -4125 =$425 saving *Make sure to double check the T&Cs before doing this.
  9. So I checked with M&S and the post office has a better rate than them, I found that www.travelex.co.uk was the best price but you can only pick that up in store or at an airport. I thought that would be ok but you can only order your currency 60 days before you travel which is no good. Any ideas? Is todays price a mere blip or is it on its way down for good?
  10. So i'm off to New York in November with a few friends and wondered when would be the best time to buy some $ and where is the best place. I guess this is quite a small amount but between us we're probably going to need around £3000 so the best rate and any savings would be handy. Have I missed the peak? should I wait or just go for it now? Thanks for any advice
  11. Sold our house and moved in to rented September last year – phew, lucky timing. Got told by loads of people I was mental and that the hosing market was fine, these people always seemed to be quite stupid and this was proof. Funny, when you actually start asking them why they think that they have nothing to say. Seen a few places, offered on a few. One was £537k it was totally knackered, toilet smelt of p*ss and it seems as if it might have had a mouse problem, we offered £460k, it was turned down, 4 months later it's with multiple agents, same price but no offers. I said to the estate agent that no house down that road had broken the £500k mark, why did he feel this warranted it's price – he couldn't answer. I said it was so bad that only a developer would have the stomach for it, he then said they tried but there's not enough money in it for a developer, what does that tell you… Saw another house it was up for about £435k, we offered £390k, which the estate agent agreed was a fair price but the vendor turned it down. We have offered low prices on some other houses and i'm sure 'some' will get their asking price but I WILL not get caught up paying over the price, unless we fall madly in love with a place. Some silly people will but in six months they'll be sitting with their head in their hands, wishing they had waited.
  12. On NR site they state the following: The Bank of England and HM Treasury have guaranteed: * All accounts existing at midnight on Wednesday 19 September, including new deposits made into those existing accounts. * All new retail deposits made after Wednesday 19 September, including new deposits made into those accounts. * All future interest payments and movement of funds between accounts. * All term deposits for the duration of their term. These new agreed arrangements protect all savers in all accounts, regardless of the amount deposited and apply to all existing and new accounts. But on the treasury site they say different: Since it would otherwise be unfair to other banks and building societies, the arrangements would not cover any new accounts set up after 19 September, other than re-opened accounts as set out above. In the case of wholesale market funding for Northern Rock plc, the Treasury confirmed that the arrangements would cover: * existing and renewed wholesale deposits; and * existing and renewed wholesale borrowing which is not collateralised. So who do you believe? NR say they are covered but the Treasury say that new accounts aren't covered.
  13. So, sent off my application form yesterday and already Northern Rock have been on the phone. Wanted to put over £230k with them as they gaurentee 100% of your money back. So is anyone else nervous about this? What happens is the house of Lords throw out the Governments proposal to nationalise NR? If they make NR sell or windup what happens to people who have money in bonds and savings accounts with them?
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