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  1. And here's another one worthy of police investigation - it's a definite flouting of the rules. London MP claims public money for Labour party HQ
  2. This is the type of inflation that worries me. How Zimbabwe lost control of inflation Zimbabwe’s hyper-Inflation is a result of the monetary authority irresponsibly borrowing money to pay all its expenses and funding quasi-fiscal activities (which are normally left to Central Government). In Neoliberalism, hyperinflation is considered to be the result of a crisis of confidence. The monetary base of the country flees, producing widespread fear that individuals will not be able to convert local currency to some more transportable form, such as gold or an internationally recognised hard currency. Edited to add: does anyone know anything about this Neoliberalism to which the author refers?
  3. Why not? Surely, wage rises are a symptom, not a cause of inflation. Moreover, where unemployment is high and competition for jobs is strong, there will be a lot of belt-tightening to cope with rising prices before there are wage rises. But that doesn't stop prices rising (edited to add) if they are led by currency devaluation and not supply/demand. I don't see why there must be a wage/price spiral in the early stages of inflation; sure, eventually wages will rise, but not until inflation is firmly entrenched in a positive feedback loop and there's no more possibility of belt-tightening. I suppose it depends what you mean when you say "BIG inflation". How much is "big"? I reckon belt-tightening could cope with quite a bit of inflation given the state of the jobs market and competition for jobs. Enough, at least, to set off the feedback loop. Edited to clarify: see above note.
  4. Don't be so naughty. Now, please excuse me - I have to go and attend to my toad-in-the-hole.
  5. Ow! That was a bit below the belt! Ah, but what is the measure? Edited for missing word.
  6. From a purely voyeuristic pov, what form do you think such taking out of the S & P low would take? A sudden 100 drop, or something more slow and steady and insidious?
  7. I totally agree with you. As for Vernon Coleman.....'nuff said! It was because of your post that I posted my one about linear thinking. I am convinced that there is a way of thinking that tramlines one into little more than trend extrapolation, "linear thinking", and an alternative way of thinking, "non-linear thinking" which allows what I sometimes think of as "organised chaos" - a way of thinking that can branch and sub-branch and envelop and develop even the most abstruse lines of possibility. It is within such non-linearity that creativity and ingenuity reside. Which is why both are dismissed by the linearists - they simply do not comprehend them and their potential history-changing effects. Judging by the GW threads and this one, we are breeding a generation that is incapabale of such non-linear thought and hence creativity. They are totally tramlined. Until these linear thinkers are overtaken by confirmation of the fork in the line they will continue to travel the straight line set before them, aggressively defending its direction and destination with no comprehension that a left or right fork could, and most likely will, lead to a promised land of discovery. What is required is to address this moribund way of linear thinking.
  8. You need to read the link I gave in my previous post; you may then come to realise that your opinion is not so much based in fact as in a particular way of thinking - linearly, in you case. We all have the same facts available to us - the only difference is how we process them, the sources we are prepared to consider, and the conclusions we draw. The facts themselves don't alter. So this whole debate is not about facts, it is about modes of thinking.
  9. There's an old saying: "if in doubt, do nowt" which I think is applicable to where you are now. Keep researching until you can assure yourself of what to do and then back your own judgement. Much better than relying on the judgement of others, I would say.
  10. You're making me all nostalgic! I remember the old ten-bob note - big and substantial and pink! Just holding one as a 10 yr old made me feel incredibly wealthy! The current value of a ten shilling note is 50p btw, for those who are too young to remember pre-decimal "proper" money. Yet I could buy 40 x threepenny Beanos with my 10s, or 40 x 3d Mars Bars or 20 sixpenny 99 ice-creams! Oh, was I rich on the day I found a 10 shilling note on the beach and having handed it in to the police, and nobody claimed it, it was all mine! I paid it into my Post Office savings account and eked it out for months to top up my pocket money which was 1d per week per year of age; 10d a week at 10 years old, 11d a week at 11 years old etc etc. It's almost impossible to imagine now how much one could buy with 11d - worth less than today's 5p. A comic, a Mars Bar, oh - and on Guy Fawkes Night, if one could cadge an extra penny, 4 Jumping Jacks at 3d each! Banned on H & S grounds - but they were the best fireworks ever! I'd better shut up, I've gone all misty-eyed and boring...............................sorry!
  11. Absolutely! This is a Pontius Pilate washing of hands and blame-shifting if ever I saw one.
  12. I totally agree. Those who concern themselves with peak oil and shortages of energy are linear thinkers at worst, polylinear at best. "To be a linear follower one must appear to always be moving forward. Instead of actually moving forward these story holders say the same exact things using a new language with different terminology. When this happens they really change nothing. Their underlying view remains as it was. New terms like node, initial node, terminal node, sub-game, payoff, and outcome are deemed to be a new improved linear strategy."* We who propose the possibility of any number of alternatives as opposed to mere extrapolation of trends are non-linear thinkers, to whit: "The nonlinear thinker is one that selects and assembles from all known and unknown resources at any moment in time. "* *LINEAR GAME THEORY AND NONLINEAR THINKING
  13. Would you be kind enough to answer the following quries? Why C$ and not US$? Are the two not closely linked or could they/have they decoupled? And I thought the outlook for the US$ was up, up and away, after the present bottoming out. So, why not US$?
  14. From what I can gather, even seasoned investors don't know how to play these markets so what chance does the amateur have? The only thing I can think of is to keep nimble, don't tie yourself into ANYTHING, and read as much as you can from as many different sources as possible on a DAILY basis. And just remember the three Vs that currently seem to rule the markets: Volatility - up, down, sideways - who knows where next? Violence - sudden and extreme market moves. Vindictiveness - the markets are out to part you from your money.
  15. I think you're bang on the nail. There's not much governments won't do in the name of expediency.
  16. I just wanted to return to this because I missed it out in my previous reply - I was in a bit of a hurry as I had to shoot off to Tesco! I am particularly interested in brain damage because my daughter was born normal but suffered brain damage when she was eight months old. (Long story as to the how and why, but just allow for the sake of debate.) There were a lot of things I found remarkable. 1) Following the initial damage to the brain she regressed to pre-newborn status - could no longer even find the nipple to breastfeed let alone suckle, for instance. Having retaught her this basic instinct I embarked on a programme of almost permanent attachment to the nipple for the following 6 weeks. We were in hospital and I literally spent 24 hrs a day lying down with her suckling. Some instinct led me to believe that it if she could regain this basic function she would somehow improve. That proved to be the case. She went from being a vegetable to a functioning baby. 2) She had been prescribed very strong anti-epileptic drugs to prevent the seizures that were the symptom of her brain damage. Some seizures can be life-threatening. Don't ask me why or how I knew it, but I was aware that these were not good for her brain and adopted a regime of half a teaspoon for my daughter and half for the plant-pot, eventually weaning her off the anti-epilepsy drugs by giving the plant-pot the full dose. I did not inform the doctors what I was doing. I presented them with a fait accompli once she was off the drugs and her seizures had diminished to very controllable 30 second absences. Years later I read of a chap who had been on the same anti-epilepsy medication and who had lived thirty years in a haze. I cannot remember why, but for some reason he discontinued the drugs and described the result as though he had woken from a dream, or even worse, a heavy blanket that was preventing any thought or action. He went on to take a whole load of GCEs whereas before he had been considered totally incapable of learning. I take from this that the self-healing properties of the brain are remarkable, even if not total, and that treatment of the brain as a purely material entity is not only insufficient, it can be positively harmful. It is arguable that the treatment itself is the problem; however, I would contend that the brain is less amenable to physical/material treatment than it is to communicative/abstract treatment. Sure, I know there are exceptions such as tumours, but even stroke patients know that it is mental exercise (abstract) that restores brain capacity and not medication. 3) At about the age of five, and although we had a pretty good idea that her comprehension was relatively undamaged, because she could not speak we were told that it was more than likely that she never would learn to talk. However, after much training she did manage to learn to talk and although her speech is still indistinct, she can be understood, especially by those who are familiar with her. Moreover, we were confirmed in our opinion that she had very good comprehension and an excellent sense of humour! Which was interesting in itself since humour often relies on incongruity which in turn is dependent on good comprehension – and that depends on communication. I've almost forgotten where I was going with this recitation.....ah, I remember. All of this leads me to believe that communication/concepts and not physicality (with medication of the physical as an aside) are what is central to consciousness and actuation as a human being. We are dependent/derivative beings, reliant on communication, and not autonomous, self-referential beings that can exist in a self-bubble. The brain is a receiver - not an actuator or originator. Now, how are we going to bring back this diversion to the OP? Does money really exist? I’ve completely forgotten how or why we embarked on this tangent!
  17. .........................another bubble(s)? And for how long will they last? It's all looking a bit inflationary. Which brings me on to a question I cannot sort out in my head - the old brain is getting rusty! Gordon Brown is always advocating global responses; every country should bail out its banks; every country should adopt QE; every country should embark on a programme of public spending to counter unemployment, etc etc. He is always banging on about global responses - and I don't believe it's just because he feels lonely acting independently! I think it's a response to the mistake of competitive devaluation that made the Great Depression so much worse. What I cannot work out is what would be the result of a concerted inflation by all countries (at least, those with financially advanced markets.)
  18. Gold is up, equity markets are up: is this due to money coming out of bonds, do you think, Freetrader, and needing a home - gold for the fearful and equities for the optimistic?
  19. I did qualify "concepts would cease to exist" by adding "as far as humanity is concerned". Without communication and as far as the auto-referential mind is concerned there are only observed shapes of differing geometry. The concepts of sqareness and circularity are dependant on inter-personal commonality which in turn is dependent on communication. My use of "in relationship with" is another way of expressing "in communication with." It just better indicates a two-way dialogue.
  20. Sure, communication is imperfect, but somehow concepts common to humanity (such as love, joy, peace and their antitheses, hatred, misery, discord) remain largely intact. A good reason for supposing that concepts have their origin beyond human consciousness such that they can survive imperfect communication. What is evident is that devoid entirely of communication, concepts would cease to exist as far as humanity is concerned since their perpetuation/commonality is predicated on expression and is not auto-referential; which kind of points to communication and not neuronal patterns being central to the existence of concepts within the human species. Furthermore, once it is "accepted in principle" (to use Steve Cook's turn of phrase) that people are derivative creatures designed to be in relationship, the centrality of communication between rational beings to the continuing existence of concepts becomes obvious.
  21. If there was only one human being left alive, how would he learn a language? And if he had already acquired a language before ending up as the sole survivor on earth, then concepts would already have been communicated.
  22. Language merely represents the concept and facilitates its communication. Moreover, language is not the sole means of communication; a touch, a glance, a kiss, a raised eyebrow are all forms of communication which can transmit concepts. Consider how love is transmitted by a mother to the newborn who has no comprehension of language. Language is not the concept itself. The concept exists/has a continuing existence within its communicability. That is not to say that a concept does not have a first cause - it does, but that's another debate.
  23. The concept of joy is not created by consciousness. It is understood/observed by consciousness/the brain. The concept itself has its existence within its communicability between rational beings. How could you identify joy if the concept had not first been communicated to you? You might feel some physical sensations but you would not identify them as joy unless the concept of joy had first been communicated to you.
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