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  1. Can you not see the logical contradiction in your argument? If asylum seekers come here because they are fleeing the oppression of their native cultures, then why on earth would they want those selfsame cultures to be adopted by this country? The very reason asylum seekers come here is BECAUSE of the British culture. Why then destroy the very culture they have come to in search of freedom by bringing with them the repressive culture they have fled? Honestly, not all cultures are equal. If they were, there would be no such thing as an asylum seeker. Some cultures really are better than ot
  2. If you are open to tuhe idea of multi-culturalism, why do you think that people flee repressive cultures to come here? Or do you really want to entertain, as having equal validity to British culture, a Taliban culture, an Albanian culture, or a fundamental Islamic culture with their attitudes to women and honour killings and women as the property of husbands and brothers? Why do people seek political asylum here if not that they are fleeing repressive cultures? Are you really saying that you want these repressive cultures to form a part of a multicultural Britain? Surely, the very reason
  3. Computers can solve basic mathematical problems that beforetime would take years to solve. That allows technological advances. I was speaking of advances in mathematics which could springboard new technology. Sometimes a problem doesn't become evident until the means exist to solve the problem. Space travel, for instance, would not even have been conceived of when mathematics was dependent on logarithms. It was the advance in mathematics that initiated the concept of space travel and then gave the solution. Perhaps I am not explaining myself very well. If that is the case, I apologi
  4. Surely, the point is that the rumour was believable. Had that not been the case it would never have taken wing. It is that kind of uncertainty that markets hate and which can be so undermining of a currency - as if there were not already sufficient fundamentals to do the job. Gordon Brown must step down if he has the interest of the country at heart. Until he does, uncertainty will be the order of the day and it will be reflected in GBP. (And that doesn't stand for Gordon Brown Pounds, either, although it might just as well while he continues his dithering.)
  5. You are joking, aren't you? Working hours directive 'will put lives at risk in hospital' The UK's top surgeon has claimed that patients lives will be put at risk and hospitals forced to close because of new European rules that will limit the hours doctors can work. Published: 9:44AM BST 31 May 2009 John Black, president of the Royal College of Surgeons, said the European Working Time Directive (EWTD) would be catastrophic for the NHS. The EWTD, which fully comes into force on August 1, limits the number of hours doctors and surgeons can work each week to 48 but doctors and especially j
  6. So do I! Wouldn't it be great to see UKIP beat Labour?
  7. Can't help - I'm south west. But just out of curiosity, any particular reason why? You've got me wondering whether I should be doing the same!
  8. Too right! And utility bills and council tax eat up a huge proportion income. OAPs are expecially hard hit. It really is heat or eat. As for council tax, it's a killer for pensioners who have a little over the savings limit (through scrimping and saving for retirement all their lives) so that they cannot claim any pension guarantee credit or council tax benefits. Worse still, their meagre savings now attract so little interest and thus income that they'd be far better off never having saved for their retirement. Our MPs don't have a clue. As for their gold-plated pensions .... words fail
  9. I'd be interested to hear from someone who has already voted whether this IS the case or whether there is a genuine problem. When my OH first showed me the text from UKIP I was inclined to think like you - people being thick. But the email seems to suggest there is more to it than that. What does anyone who has seen the ballot paper think?
  10. Lol! Ironic, indeed. I haven't seen the ballot papers yet, although my OH says they are a yard long! I have to wait until this evening to vote as I am taking along one of my youngsters who will be voting for the first time. He is concerned that not understanding the PR MEP ballot paper he will make a mess of it and vote for Labour or something worse - if that is possible!
  11. Perhaps by looking directly at the problem of harnessing energy we are looking in the wrong place for the next technological advance. I was talking about this thread to my OH (a retired engineer) last night, and he proposed that great technological advances are underpinned or made possible by advances in mathematics. Logarithms - industrial revolution Slide rule - flight/aeroplanes Computer - space travel Pre computers, solving a simultaneous differential equation could take seven months or more. Slide-rules brought this time down and computers can do the same calculation in seconds. W
  12. O.H. just had a text message from UKIP. Words to the effect that many ballot papers are folded to make it look as though UKIP are not on it. Just keep unfolding and you will find UKIP there.
  13. Does that mean Thomas Cook will go down taking thousands of prepaid summer holidays with them?
  14. If you actually read my post you would have seen that I said that I sympathise with those who support the BNP on the basis of a concern for the relegation of British culture. No. I had never visited their site until yesterday when I looked up the mission statment that another poster quoted. I think you'll find that in schools there is a daily ceremony pledging allegiance to the flag. This ensures that 2nd generation immigrants are integrated into American culture. Campaign for a real Christmas: Religious leaders unite against political correctness There is evidence that Christian
  15. I'm quite prepeared to believe there has been a 2.6% rise in house prices. Everything else is up - stock market, commodities, etc - so why not house prices? After all, they are still as much a speculative/investment vehicle as ever they were and still subject to the same irrationality that causes the less discerning would-be buyer to panic in case they miss the boat. The only salient question is whether or not this is a spring bounce/dead cat bounce or whether it signals a new bull market in property. I am inclined to believe the former. We haven't really even begun to see a fall-out from
  16. Please see my post #113 where I say that denying the holocaust is obnoxious. I also don't think that economic arguments against immigration hold much water. What I believe the BNP is tapping into is a genuine public anger concerning the relegation of British culture from a commonality which binds us all - immigrants included - to that of one competing with imported cultures. I don't believe that helps the cause of integration; in fact, I think it positively encourages dis-integration. At least in the US, immigrants pledge allegiance to the flag and subscribe to the American ideal. In th
  17. Well, that's your opinion and you are totally entitled to hold it. I just disagree. I think their grouse is with culture and not race. They all seem to be a bit thick, though, so they probably find it a bit difficult to express themselves! Which is why I, intellectual snob that I am, could never bring myself to vote for them!
  18. I agree that's obnoxious although I gather he has recanted. But can a leopard change its spots? I do have my doubts. I don't believe Griffin is the most savoury of characters, either. But I do believe he, and the BNP, has tapped into a fundamental and reasonable well of anger against the stupid ideal of multiculturalism that has led to the relegation of British culture and thus a cessation of integration in favour of competitive cultures.
  19. That was a bit of selective quoting, wasn't it. Here is the rest of the Mission Statement which you neglected to post. I'm not denying that racist elements of society may have attached themselves to the BNP, just as communists have always attached themselves to the Labour Party. But it still seems to me that the BNP, according to its mission statement, is a culturist party and not a racist party. I do not for one moment believe that they are interested in skin colour so much as cultural persuasion. In other words, if immigrants of any skin hue come to this country seeking asylum or to
  20. Please offer evidence that this is either an informal or formal BNP policy. Edited to add: I can't believe that I've been put in the position of defending the BNP! They are the last party I would vote for. However, for any newcomers who didn't read my initial post that caused me to be in this position, I asserted that the BNP is not racist but culturist. I am now dfending that position.
  21. I'd prefer to trust a man who is attempting to counter the treachery of politicians who sold our country out to foreign governance than trust any politician who tries to plead the case of Euro-federalism. I'll take my chances with Farage against Euro-federalists any day.
  22. I can't remember the sequence of events - how the BNP took over from the NF if, indeed that was what occurred. In any event, isn't that a somewhat hidebound attitude? The same attitude that has people voting Labour forever because my mum and dad did and I've always done it, too? Surely there is room for reappraisal? Or will you forever rest on childhood prejudices to form your adult political opinions?
  23. Again, offer some reasoning as to why you have arrived at this conclusion. I have arrived at the conclusion that the BNP is culturist. Why have you and I drawn different conclusions from available evidence? What have I missed that you have not or vice versa?
  24. Fair enough, but at least offer some reasoning as to why you draw this conclusion.
  25. I would be grateful if you could explain to me what you believe is contributed to the debate by a) taking my words out of context and b ) offering a soundbite response. Regards, Methinkshe
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