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  1. Ah! I see what you mean! Note to self: read links first, THEN open gob!
  2. Today's Telegraph suggests that Brown will postpone any decision re election date until after Labour Party Conference. Haven't read the full article yet - just the headline. I save the meaty bits for bedtime!
  3. Anyone without the intellectual nous to realise that man-made global warming/climate-change is the biggest scam ever is not worth a second look, imo.
  4. Mortgage rates may fall for PRIME borrowers - those whom interest rates least affect - but they will not fall for the average FTB'er who is lucky to save 1% deposit never mind the 25% that looks increasingly likely to become the requirement. Lenders are in the process of doing/ or have done a u-turn and instead af collaring every passing punter and stuffing money down his boxers, have become risk averse. Of course, they'll protest that they ALWAYS did lend responsibly.....
  5. Smacks of desperation! I have more faith in the anecdotals that are posted on this site than any gov stats or "expert" opinions. Keep 'em coming - they are what paints the true picture of what is going on in the housing market.
  6. The latter - there's too much riding on the housing sector for them to take a decision to sacrifice it. That it is beyond rescue is another matter. I honestly don't think there is anything that can save the housing sector now. The markets will dictate and any intervention will be short-lived at best and will exacerbate the inevitable at worst.
  7. I think that we will end up with an inflationary depression, usually the preserve of third world countries. Rich countries traditionally accept the necessary deflationary medicine as being the lesser of two evils. Not this time - or so it would appear to date. We have become a nation of spoilt brats demanding instant gratification and have forgotten such virtues as thrift, saving, belt-tightening, deferred gratification, living within one's means, and we now have the rulers we deserve - a power-hungry bunch who would sell their grannies down the river just to stay in power. This bunch won't risk deflation, imo. Even if their inflationary measures only offer a couple more years in government and reduce this country to Zimbabwe Mark 2, they'll go for it because the electorate simply wouldn't tolerate deflation, however much it is needed.
  8. It slipped out at some point during TV discussions about Merv's grilling by Select Committe that NR had tried to sell assets but couldn't and only then went to B o E. Wish I could remember where I heard it and who said it - whether it was Merv himself or a commentator - sorry, memory isn't what it once was. Anyway, point is, if the market wouldn't touch NR's "assets" what on earth is the B o E doing taking them at face value?
  9. We're in new territory with the derivatives market - no-one quite knows what will be the outcome. My gut feeling is that it will be pretty spectacular. I can't see a way of unwinding this beast slowly so as to allow for a soft landing. It's going to be sudden and catastrophic - aeroplane stall analogy where the plane drops from the sky rather than makes a safe albeit bumpy landing at the nearest airport.
  10. Agreed, and add to that the accelerators of higher interest rates, end of fixed intro rates, newfound risk aversion and higher LTV requirements by lenders, and HPC is unavoidable.
  11. Yes, I picked that one up, too. Would have been helpful if he'd explained how they were fiddled. Doesn't he have a blog or something? Perhaps he could be called upon to elaborate if the question is put to him by email. I'm surprised he didn't make a comment on the obviously fiddled CPI figure just released.
  12. From the above statements, Ron Paul sounds to me like a good man. If I were living in the US, I'd want such a man for president, too.
  13. Daughter's b/f has 2 flats in Poole near Sandbanks. Been on the market 8 months - no takers. Told him to drop price until they do sell unless he wants to lose all his equity. Won't listen to me because I told him two years ago there was a HPC on the way and advised him to sell and he can only see the gains that he has made in the last two years which apparently prove I was wrong. He hasn't yet worked out that these gains are meaningless since he can't now sell.
  14. As if we didn't know! As a matter of principle, Merv should resign. I really hope he does, even if it does mean that Gordon will appoint a stooge in his place. At least Merv will walk away with his integrity intact which won't be the case if he hangs around.
  15. How will Gordo continue to tackle inflation? By continuing to cook the books. Until stats are truly independent they are truly unreliable to the point of being totally dishonest. As we have just learnt from CPI figures, inflation is receding, in spite of the fact that every person living in the UK knows this is a damn lie. How long can Gordo continue to cook the books and pull the wool over the eyes of the electorate? That's another matter. Depends on how soon the finanacially unwashed decide to take/or are forcibly given a cold shower.
  16. Actually, I think Labour is guaranteed to get voted back in. The unwinding of the credit cycle has only just begun to impinge on the national consciousness and not enough to get Gordo voted out. In a way that's a good thing, because when the electorate DOES catch up, he should cop for all the $hit he has manufactured as it really hits the fan.
  17. Anyone who thinks that Gordon's rescue of NR will have an effect on HPC has not understood the property market. The property market speculative bubble has been popped whatever Gordon does. Fact.
  18. Throw away your O'level text books as they no longer apply or so it seems. Yes. As a society we are no longer steered by the reins of communal responsibility or Godly recompense to mitigate societal behaviour. It is every man for himself. So forget the rules if you want to stay one step ahead of the herd. In today's society it is every man for himself. Only the imagination sets boundaries. What you can imagine WILL happen.
  19. The housing bubble has already popped. Any further attempts at reflation would be like trying to inflate a balloon with an inch dia hole. There is no way that HPC can be avoided now.
  20. Nothing more or less than the truth catching up with spin.
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