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  1. Yes, I can see that your philosophy requires that everything has its origin in matter and that people are autonomous, independent beings, self-activated and self-referential. To admit that a concept has its origin outside the human brain and is evidenced only in expression/communicability between rational beings, would be to allow a non-material cause which would blow apart your materialistic philosophy.
  2. The observer/communicator/processor of the concept (neuronal patterns) cannot at the same time BE the concept. I can allow that an understanding of, say, the concept of "joy" has a physical existence in terms of neuronal patterns based on individual experience/memory, but the concept itself remains abstract and without physicality. The concept itself has a non-material existence that is evidenced only in its communicablity to another rational being. If a concept is a property of the brain then it is simultaneously observer and observed which cannot be true.
  3. Cheers! Please keep us informed. I find your posts helpful and instructive. Remarque, eh? Good book.
  4. Maybe I have misunderstood, but what I took from Steve's posts was that he was claiming that even abstractions can be given concrete existence via reference to common neuronal patterns. Needless to say, I disagree.
  5. That's because you are thinking linearly. Your are congratulating yourself on how you could cut back and economise, yet not recognising the potential for a total cessation of supplies in the supermarket. It won't be just "having to pay double for everything" it will be having to pay double and treble and quadruple for everything because there is a shortage or even total absence. You are dwelling in the realms of choice; I am thinking absence. That's a symptom, albeit one which will feed on itself to contribute to the meltdown which I fear - far and above any possible shortage of oil 50 years hence. I've never subscribed to the climate change scare. What does concern me is the fragility of our financial/monetary system and our dependency on electricity, which I fear is susceptible to sudden collapse as opposed to a gentle re-alignment. Sure we can. I've been managing on "less" for years. It's a way of life for me. I have always been very careful of everything, not the least because from principle I abhor waste or excess when I know that so many in this world struggle to even find enough to eat and stay alive. Lol! Good to find some point of agreement!
  6. What you appear to be saying is that abstractions can (eventually, given technological ability to measure) be nailed down to pysicalities thus making redundant any concept of faith or confidence. They will all boil down to sequential firings of neurons that will exhibit communal patterns so as to confirm a pyhsicality at the base of every abstraction. Have I correctly understood your thinking?
  7. Edited to add "physical" to qualify "existence" in line 1.
  8. Then you have moved from a postion of claiming that abstracts have existence within common neuronal brain patterns to admitting that no such thing exists and thus, abstracts remain beyond physical determination.
  9. We're not talking about whether the dollar is backed by gold but whether paper gold is backed by physical gold. It appears that more paper gold has been sold than is physically available or, worse still, than even exists.
  10. I find it strange and interesting that where I am optimistic, you are pessimistic, and where I am pessimistic, you are optimistic. Who can account for the vagaries of human beliefs? For that is where we are - beliefs - because both of us is trying to understand the future.
  11. ....and you are too much of a charmer... Flattery will get you everywhere!
  12. Yep - see above edit. Noticed my stupidity as soon as I'd posted.
  13. I said: the CONCEPT of money has become abstract. Edit: Concepts are always abstract so that was a bit of meaningless tautology. What I meant to express is that our present communal understanding of money has moved from symbolic/representational of a physical reality, to the symbolism itself becoming the reality - very dangerous ground Sure, you can still swap a £1 coin for your half-dozen eggs, but where it matters - like in large financial transactions - money is just figures winging their electronic way across the globe. Those of us who still resort to £1 coins are a little anachronistic, I fear, and will soon be seen off by a 100% cashless society where all that matters is your credit rating........and that will probably have political overtones - subscribe to the monetary system of the day or be outlawed...............but that's another story.
  14. No. Unless I've missed a NuLab trick.......................
  15. It's a bit melodramatic, isn't it? But what I took from it is that more paper gold has been sold than actually exists physically, so there's aggro ahead..
  16. Actually, that's barter. Money has become an abstract concept where labour/goods are represented by figures on a screen. Formerly there was a relationship between money and commodities - but that has ceased to be. The problem with abstracts is that by definition (because they cannot be touched, heard, felt, smelt, seen) they are faith-based and uniquely comprehended by each and every individual. Which makes our current concept of money very susceptible to a crisis of confidence/faith.
  17. Would it be too much to ask you to explain why? My ignorance needs to be addressed........... Thanks in anticipation.
  18. Fair enough. I guess it's a matter of opinion which poses the greater threat - running out of oil before a replacement has been found, or a global financial meltdown that catapults us back to pre-industrial revolution.
  19. Neuronal sequences exist, but is there any way of proving that commonly held neuronal patterns exist? For instance, if we ask for an explanation of the word "money" we will get a different answer from every person. Moreover, extremes of explanation would be evident if one were to ask, say, a five year old child and a ninety year old. Doesn't that in itself negate any "commonly held neuronal pattern"?
  20. The important question is; will it trigger credit default swaps? Does a deferrment equate to a credit default event? I'll bet the powers-that-be will find a way to make sure it doesn't!
  21. I like your explanation best - bond market indigestion!
  22. Okay. Although there still seems to be some debate about the origins.......... Re: Denarii Not the most authoritative link - sorry - just me being lazy. Anyway, the salient point I wanted to make was that they were all measures of weight.
  23. You miss the point; the supply of cheap oil, expensive oil or bath-oil won't be a problem for future generations unless we manage to sort out the financial mess we've got ourselves into. It'll be a total irrelevance. In 50 years time our grandchildren will be grubbing for a living like Ethiopian subsistence farmers do today - unless we sort out this mess.
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