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  1. Love it! Hooray for HPC! Forget Gordon Brown, saviour of the world, it is HPC that is doing all the saving!
  2. Green shoots? Strictly for the colour-blind Talk of economic recovery is simply not backed up by the facts, says David Blanchflower.
  3. Are you referring to the wobble - you know - precession of the equinoxes and all that....? Very important stuff........ A wobble is a wobble after all, when all's dead and son.
  4. Don't be so daft! What about the full moon effect?
  5. What happens when you take the start point back 1 year instead of 6 months?
  6. Doesn't look to me as though it's going to be a "fall off a cliff" day. Just a steady decline. Friday could provide the drama missing today, though.
  7. Um, just come late to this thread. I didn't even know that the Irish were voting today. Are you sure? There has been not a word in the media..... If they really have rejected the Lisbon Treaty - three cheers for the Irish and a few Guinesses to boot....
  8. Naming and giving substance to, is worthy of a debate in its own right. Just be aware that the naming of a concept is very powerful - it can give existence to that which was previously just a thought. Be careful of your words.
  9. I think the view you express is much more akin to our traditional tolerance as a country than the one we now face - a regulated religious tolerance, if you like; however, one must also admit that if there is any state prevention from a declaration of truth, and a concommitant disallowance of exclusivity concerning faith in that truth, then the faith itself is undermined and all protestations of tolerance go out the window. Thus, we now live in the most religiously intolerant age that this country has know for centuries. Edited for clarity and typos.
  10. It is my experience that those who have endured a Roman Catholic education are most repelled by God and farthest away from finding Him. Roman Catholicism is a manmade interpretation of God, delivered by intermediaries - priests. True Christianity has to do with just you and God getting together and having a chat. No religion, no intermediaries, just you and Him. Please, on no account put any faith in either me or my opinions. However, if you detect within them some truth, then may I point you to the source of that truth - my Father, God. Always, you must arrive at your own conclusion
  11. You must ask yourself who or what was this "god" in the name of whom Peter Sutcliffe acted. If God the Creator is spirit (and He is self-claimed to be so) then He is not identifiable by pyhsical characteristics. Thus He can only be known by His character - what He claims to be ( i.e what He IS) and what He SAYS and what He DOES. Anyone who, in the name of god, acts contrarily to the revealed character of God, is acting in the name of a "god after his own imagination." That is what Peter Sutcliffe did. Nomenclature does not equate to fact/reality/truth.
  12. No-one can answer these questions for you. You have to ask yourself why you are so biassed and so unwilling to take seriously the opinions of a person who believes in God. Self-examination is a much under-estimated recourse; we all so much prefer to have a counsellor or an advisor or a psychotherapist tell us what to do. The idea of self-evaluation and responsibility for self is almost anathema these days.
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