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  1. I think you should leave the place with no notice, thereby giving the landlord the opportunity to replace your snivelling face with a more grateful tenant. Away and cry yourself to sleep.
  2. The Last Bear, I think what this tells us, is that, more agents are replacing the price offered with a clause such as "Offers in excess of". I also think it tells us that more recently they are noting "Price guide £150,000 to £170,000" and "From £180,000" (as an example).
  3. Pants. I see you have learned nothing. In 5 years of dealing with EA's I never heard a scintilla of good prophecy from any of them. If they tell you something is in the pipeline, you can be rest assured it is a huge turd, stuck - wrapped in too much toilet roll - and not going where it should be.
  4. 'course they do. And so does everyone else that disagrees with you. So many people on here have invested so much time in the crash prognosis (some have obsessed for 7 years now) that any alternative is simply unpalatable. All that wasted time.
  5. I fancy a close run off in Strictly Come Dancing, with a group winning X factor. I also think at some stage we will see weak southerners dominating the news with stories about being stranded by 2-3 inches of snow.
  6. Been wondering about this for a while. Are some balance sheets worth the paper they are typed on. A property developer recently told me that his accountant valued his properties at price paid to acquire + money spent to develop. Hardy reliable.
  7. Can you explain your take on no. 4? I'm not as bright as you.
  8. Luxury. 7% cut and I have had to bend over an take it with a 'I'm a team player', smile on my face. As for the night out £15 per head for us. For some crappy Italian restaurant.
  9. No joking. You in financial services of some kind?
  10. Been working my tits off for the past year. 7am till 6pm daily, with 2 and a half bast***ing hours on top. But today, we were asked to accept a 7% paycut for a year (assuming the company is there in a year). Anyone else been there? Brutal. I am skint as it is. I have no beans left at the end of a month and now live like a recluse (with wife & kids).
  11. HSE is a jobs for the boys club. An entire layer added to the employment market, full of intellectual lightweight failures doing sweet FA for anyone, anywhere.
  12. 'course all the commentators generally have a VI. Including Eric. His VI is represented by falling HP's. Can a man with a VI be trusted?
  13. Gold is in bubble territory. And we know what happens to bubbles.
  14. Seems to me they changed their prediction too early, influenced by some headline grabbing news, pre swine flu and MP's expenses. Does anyone seriously, think this fall will still occur?
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