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  1. Clean air, quiet cars, healthier people, warehouse farming, reforestation of farmland, etc etc. Yeah sounds like hell haha
  2. Yeah no sh*t we will need to produce more of the stuff batteries are made of, if every car is to contain batteries. That it is only double and not 10x current production actually shows how achievable this transition is.
  3. So long as you change the oils and filters every few months. Try an EV you'll love it, none of that ******** and they go forever with zero maintenance.
  4. If we can't simply dig up the ground and burn it for economic prosperity then we're doomed to be poor? This is a ******** mentality I see all the time justifying why we should reopen the coal mines rather than investing in clean energy and storage. Fact is times change, and what worked in the past does not work in the future. Yes the west was built on literally digging up the ground and burning it. But the world moves on, we realise this is not a sustainable way of life, and thankfully new technologies come along which we can use instead. All we have to do is invest in it. Unfortunately this means having a bit of imagination and accepting change, and many people are incapable. Fortunately though, the world is not one homogeneous block of people. While us westerners are busy voting for the guy who's pledging to reopen the coal mines, our eastern cousins are cornering the market for the green tech that will run the future. Someone has already mentioned their cornering the market of rare earth metals that are so important in an electric economy, this is one example, but there are many. I personally find it so sad that the west is so backwards looking, and the finite resource - oil - that is so important for materials technology, is being squandered by being burnt in cars for energy.
  5. Yes if you ignore the cost of all the pollution, the reliance on Russia and Saudi oil, the health service costs of treating asthma etc. It's only a low cost if you ignore all these costs. This is why governments around the world are pushing for EV's despite the loss of fuel duty. Money rules the world and scrapping the costly polluting oil based economy in favor of a clean futuristic electrical economy works, all things considered.
  6. I just put a cigarette out on my EV charger and nothing happened. Check mate.
  7. Sorry for the confusion, yes my whole post is easily refutable garbage. I was just trying to get the usual hollow arguments out in a stupid self contradictory way in order to prevent us having to argue them seriously. I was too subtle!
  8. Yah EV buyers are suckers to a marketing campaign... Haha EV's aren't really marketed that much since they sell faster than they can be made. Is it possible, just maybe, that the opposite is true? That the constant peddling of decade old ICE designs badged up as EfficientDynamicsEcoBoostBlueMotion has made people believe ICE is less polluting than it really is?
  9. EV's will never take off. They depreciate like a stone. And the second hand ones are so expensive! Also we have a national electricity grid but boosting capacity here and there to cope with some extra load sounds like it's going to be very expensive. Plus can you imagine the queues at petrol stations if they are converted to EV chargers that take hours to charge! I'm pretty sure the batteries only last 2 years before they need changing too. They're not even good for the environment either, because the tyres give off particles too. And where do you think the electricity comes from? Probably coal I imagine. The latest offshore wind farm barely even matches the output of a nuclear plant so don't think they contribute. The batteries are made from chemicals too I heard. Hardly good for the environment!
  10. Oil-derived chemicals are extremely valuable to society yet we just burn most of it in ICE cars. It's another very good reason to move away from ICE.
  11. Hydrogen cars are the same as EV's like the Nissan Leaf and Tesla, except the batteries are swapped out for hydrogen fuel cells and tanks. But hydrogen is an inferior substitute for batteries: Fuel cells are more expensive than batteries Hydrogen's harder to distribute than electricity Fuel cells need more maintenance than batteries Fuel cells have shorter life than batteries Hydrogen cars need expensive equipment to fuel up rather than a simple plug You can generate electricity at home, try generating and storing hydrogen The list goes on and on. The positives for hydrogen are: It allows government control of the fuel source for taxation (like petrol/diesel) Longer range is possible (although this is now debatable as the technology in batteries is advancing much more rapidly than hydrogen) Governments were keen to push hydrogen because it's taxable, but most have given up now as the writing is on the wall. Mature EV tech will cut the cost of motoring to about 20% of what it is today. It's a similar revolutionary cost reduction to when we went from horse+cart to internal combustion engine, and will cause our roads to become extremely congested. Imagine being able to pick up a 15 year old Nissan Leaf for £500 and it costs 2p per mile to run, with virtually no service costs except for tires. THIS is the main challenge of EV's, but most people are stuck talking about whether it's possible to install a plug socket on the roadside (hint: it is).
  12. Not true I just switched BG to Breeze. True the smart meter mostly becomes useless, no more live tariff info, live usage data, etc, now it only shows the meter reading. But you don't have to change the meter.
  13. What are you on about? How can you simultaneously extol the importance of oil-derived plastics, and at the same time say we should be burning the oil that remains (in cars)? The mental gymnastics is impressive to say the least. Yeah yeah i'll go and 'read more sources' as I clearly don't know what I'm on about!
  14. So given how important it is, you must think it's a good idea to stop burning what remains of it in our cars?
  15. Yeah that's all bulls**t though. You cannot explode your house unplugging your electric car. And my battery is not leased so I pay £0 per year not £600, don't know where you get 'minimum £600/year' from. And bankrupt people can't buy a new car? So what? When electrics have been around 15 years thay will probably be able to pick up a 15 year old one for £1,000. And it will make a lot more sense than buying a £1k ICE car!
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