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  1. Not weaken, you mean to become milder. To become easier to transmit the virus can become either more contagious ( e.g. higher virus levels in the mucus, or it stays more in the upper respiratory system and makes a load of mucus in the nose, etc) or milder making it so people carry on without noticing they are infected with covid. What is the evidence or reasoning behind that statement?
  2. Probably pick up mutations every person it passed through.
  3. Infections don't lead to transmission in kids under 12. So .... Woops I've gone silly and should have said the age. So your right about 12 and above. My kids are are both in primary school so that's all I think of as school. 🥴
  4. Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreaks and infections in schools are rare, a new study by Public Health England (PHE) shows. Just 67 individual cases were detected and 30 outbreaks among students and staff after schools reopened in June until they closed for the summer. Only 0.01% of pre-schools and primary schools had an outbreak, all of which were successfully contained and 70 children and 128 staff were affected. Over the same period, there were 25,470 cases recorded in England as a whole. Reported COVID-19 cases, clusters and outbreaks were reviewed daily across all educational setting
  5. But is reporting in those countries comparable to the UK. Is the same methodology used to classify a positive case? Do they record a covid death when some dies within 28 days of a positive test. Are deaths investigated to determine true cause? The death within 28 days of a covid positive test is an example of Correlation does not mean Causation.
  6. Children almost never transmit the virus to others Only a few tens recorded up to now. I'll find the data when I'm not busy. 😤
  7. I live close to a hospital that has been made into a covid free area. All positive patients are taken to other hospitals. So the separation policy has been put into practice at least in some places. So why we're the nightingale hospitals not used?
  8. Look, Boris has reduced loads of diseases, cancer and respiratory illnesses. Amazing
  9. Interesting graph of deaths per 1000 I came across. It says the 2020 data is not complete. Where are we compared to ten years ago?
  10. An assumption. Is there a list of countries that are good at testing and ones that aren't?
  11. Also transmission within the household is higher than everything except hospital s 🧐
  12. How much of the damage is actually just the measures enacted by the government? How much damage to the economy would happened if we had just ignored it totally?
  13. Seal borders right at the start. Back before the WHO announced covid was a pandemic. It was already endemic in the UK by that point.
  14. What is the evidence for asymptomatic transmission? https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-03141-3 Now, evidence suggests that about one in five infected people will experience no symptoms, and they will transmit the virus to significantly fewer people than someone with symptoms. But researchers are divided about whether asymptomatic infections are acting as a ‘silent driver’ of the pandemic. i think your making assumptions from very early data.
  15. Don't worry, the space age mask will prevent it. It's amazing the masks, testing, lockdowns etc are really having a massive effect, reducing the Ro value. 🤔 I'm not sure how people on this thread have had no colds this year. My oldest is now on his 5/6th since spring, I've had three of them myself. If covid is so contagious why hasn't he/school had it too?
  16. No that's the extreme. The virus has to jump to the next person. It has to be released and meet another victim. Death obviously stops that, but lying in bed ill does too. Also we know this is true. Look at the 'cold virus'. A brilliant example of convergent evolution. It's a massive collection of viruses all that produce similar symptoms. A virus starts out nasty and is selected to eventually just causes snotty noses and sneezes.
  17. London train stations are rammed this evening. Families fleeing taking their virus with them. Nothing like lockdown having the opposite effect. 😁
  18. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot 🤣 I suppose lockdowns may select for more virulence and longer lasting infections, whereas self isolation upon development of any even mild symptoms selects for more mild phenotypes. At the start we should have had a chain of volunteers. We infect the first ten. Work out which person shows the mildest symptoms and use their viri to infect the next ten. A few cycles of this and it's a friendly domesticated virus which can be set free.
  19. I wouldn't say weaker, more like milder. We are putting the virus under specific selective pressure to push it to produce milder symptoms. If a mutation occurs that allows the virus to still transmit but produce less obvious symptoms then people will be out and about passing it on. Not necessarily. Your making so many assumptions.
  20. Is it more infectious because it produces more mild symptoms? Viruses tend to become less deadly the longer they are around.
  21. The 'new variant' is Zzzzzz It's only interesting from an academic point of view. Covid-19 news: Scepticism over UK claims of a faster spreading variant However, researchers have responded sceptically to the claim. Eric Topol at The Scripps Research Institute said, “This is going to require rigorous assessment before it can be confirmed. New variant sure, functionally significant unlikely. Suspect it will be refuted or seriously questioned.” Speaking in parliament, Matt Hancock said, “Initial analysis suggests that this variant is growing faster than the existing variant,”
  22. Look, almost everyone one here sees admitting a mistake as a weakness. Maybe that's because they are insecure, I don't know. I don't care, I just like the truth, opinions are fun too. Cheers
  23. You do remember I corrected myself when you pointed out my error?? I still say it's leveled off and most likely dropping though. 😃
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