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  1. These values though are too high I think. The correct value is around 0.5 percent looking at the UK numbers. Wonder what other countries get?
  2. You are very tiresome. Zzzzzzzz. I read this site and not posted for years, and I I've almost always found you very rude to people. Maybe you need to ask yourself why?
  3. Okay okay calm keep you pants on. I am looking at data neutrally. Why do people jump at me. The false positive rate is dependent on the technique and sample collection. Even different stocks of reagents for the technique alters the rate (NB You would expect pillar 1 and 2 to have different rates due to how they are collected and processed) But as you say the importance of the false positive rate becomes less important as the true positives increase Below chart of number of cases per week. I've highlighted the lowest point of the year. As you say it's about 0.4-0.5 percent. So th
  4. Hey, Been doing some reading about false positives in the RT PCR covid test. Nice little table if anyone's interested. Obviously me posting data about this technique will upset some 🥴. Anyway the reason I'm looking at this stuff is now the number of daily tests is getting so big, I want to get a feel for how many could be false positives.
  5. There were videos of that happening in China a while back. Not nice
  6. Did it. Woo. You beat me there. Good job not ones scared of snakes, spiders, heights, an large animal bearing it teeth, disgusting things, ill people, rotting flesh, smell of sheet, people staring etc
  7. Yep the thought of long covid gives me the same FFS feelings too
  8. Again your so fun. Insults and belittling if you don't agree with someone. Classy
  9. So how do they take the false positives into account. Link please? So your saying the general public is fed the raw data ? That's a silly thing to do isn't. Much better to give us the data with false positives removed. So tell me how you determine the number of false positives then. Say for today's data Thanks
  10. I've an idea then, So there are many viruses that cause you to have a cold These include rhinovirusc coronavirus RSC and parainfluenz influenza Maybe we should form a new grouping The flu group which contains a range of viruses that have overlapping symptoms and outcomes. Influenza (h1n1) etc SARS 1 / SARS 2
  11. But this 'long covid' is really so much of a nothingness, that it won't have any effect on people.
  12. When did I? Lots of viral diseases have similar initial symptoms. That's because your body responds to most of them in a similar way. Pumps out the same cytokines etc. Whereas, unlike covid and the flu, HIV incorporates itself into the genome of many of your cells. Over many years it screws over your immune system until an infection kills you. How is that anything like covid? If you were to compare outcomes, symptoms and progression you would says covid is most similar, note I said similar, to flu. Obviously it more similar to SAR-cov1 but most people aren't really awa
  13. No you need some more insults too, like maybe covidiot.
  14. Survival bias. Now buckle up for the next flu season big boy. Oh yeah no one will give a
  15. Maybe though, there's an age where an elder loses their usefulness. If so, then evolution may have only selected for an healthy life span until that point. Maybe theres only an advantage to have gran parents, nothing beyond. Once the knowledge has been passed then they're just a waste of food.😟
  16. He he. 🐔 Have a debate or what's the point. Do you believe that covid is closer in effect to, HIV or the flu? Peter says HIV. By the way how much do they pay now days?
  17. Why don't you actually go and read about the long term effects of the flu and then come back.
  18. Eh? Do you understand that you have to have appropriate responses to things. You don't call the fire brigade to put out your candles
  19. Nope wrong end of the stick. It's Hancock who is scaremongering using kings study
  20. So. I've had flu once that I know of and it knocked me out for ten days. I felt bad for two more weeks after that too. So an illness makes you feel bad. And?
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