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  1. I think its more likely down to the increased availability of porn O:-)
  2. My link It's like seeing one of those cattle lorries on the way to the abattoir. All those pairs of eyes peering out through the gaps in the side, wondering where their going and if the grass is going to be as green and lush as they've been promised
  3. My link Can't wait for my council tax to go to this. Wonder how they decide who gets it? Maybe its done on which property they want to buy and who owns it
  4. If shes trying to rent out at 300 a month then lets see what you could buy with same payments Mortgage: 2yr 3.45% Fixed BBR H/P LTV 80% Direct so 300 a month -> 60k at 3.45% (need 20% deposit though :S at 12k and fee of 1k) would buy you in similar area: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-19116288.html?premiumA=true I suppose the problem for people is getting hold of the deposit
  5. Remember the awful flat in Nottingham My link Who are these mental people. Lol. Wonder if they'll pull it off Lol
  6. video of flat. How do you embed these bloody things?TEMPTED? =-O My link
  7. I drive to work everyday through South West London on my Vespa. The journey was amazing today. Hardly any 4x4s and very little traffic. Please can there be a strike every day
  8. Me and my Mrs donated £15 What would we do without it !!!!!!! Confirmation number: 56C91703HH895772K
  9. I seem to remember Gordon Brown said a similar thing before the boom
  10. Remember this is a VI Index. They want the price to stabilise in the eyes of the sheeple. They can do that by issuing mortgages to people they want to make up their index.
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