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  1. Thorium already has quiet a widespread usage. Heck even my old tilley mantles have thorium on them. Regards its use for overtaking existing nuclear traditional reactors, its a two part problem. Part one as described is making fissionable material for bombs. Part two is now there is an already existing market for the traditional reactors, so they would have to break into that same market. Money would probably be better invested looking at Renewables options. We have barely scratched the surface of renewable energy and to be honest considering the huge amounts the main energy suppliers are pumping into research now it wont be long before some substaintial breakthroughs are made. The power companies know that without renewables they are going to struggle more and more politically each year, the deep water disaster brought that to a head years before it was due to happen anyway. As much as it was a disaster in the area, for the greenies you couldnt have asked for a better political launching point to push the message home that fossil fuels are already dead.
  2. So the consultation paper that all the papers have been quoting from has been released by the FSA today Introduction - FSA Mortgage Affordability Consulation Paper The Consulation Paper in Full Online response form Interestingly they are asking for individual responses as well as business ones. So a chance for you to make your views known on their proposals directly.
  3. Silly billy... CGT being lower than other types of tax makes it an automatic loophole. Whilst raising it back to where its been and in line with other taxes may reduce the revenua from CGT it will also raise the revenue of other taxes equally. You would be amazed how well the big companies can take advantage of any tax rate that is lower. They have accountants specficially paid to do that. This is a tax avoidance that was stupidly opened by Labour a few years ago and should never have been allowed in the first place (unless all earnings rates came down in line with it)
  4. Remember that the banks max LTV is their take on risk involved with the price of that asset. Obviously barclays feels there is at least 20% fluff still in the current market. The will actually value the market slighly lower than that as prices fall further but some of the capital will have been repaid over that period so likely they feel its closer to 24-27% given models I've seen recently
  5. The longer the banks wait the less money they can recover from "investors" personal homes. They need to reposses before the prices get to low otherwise they make a loss. Expect more as time goes on. More of these happening is a good sign as it means the banks feel we still have a way to go to the bottom. At what the banks think is the bottom they will ride it out more and wait for the pick up.
  6. No pictures but a house on at 2400 pcm is now listed at 1500 pcm, but still point blank refused our 1200 pcm offer He came back with 1350. Meh I can hold out longer. Size of the house means I can get rid of my part of my office saving me well over £9000 per year.
  7. Waiting for the missus to finish beautifying herself before going out
  8. Having to scroll just to read the first topic that isnt a stick.... well that kinda tells me there is way way too much header. Awful. I do a lot of website work and one thing I am very aware of is never make it so people have to scroll to read the first part of information. I understand the need to make money and the requirement of ads, but I have to be honest I'm a regular and the new design is putting me right off.
  9. Unnoticed knock on effect, but as long as non Eurozone countries keep cutting interest rates all those in those countries holding Euro mortgages are seeing their payments rocket as the currencies are taking a hammering. Friends of ours are really struggling now with over mew on current house and the payments on the French Farmhouse.
  10. October and November are typical fall months so the Nationwide seasonal adjustment is usually up but only a small amount (around 0.1% to 0.2%) December and January are usually very poor months for Nationwide and these are reflected with seasonal adjustments around the 1% mark. So dont be surprised to see a price rise in both December and January. Just wait for the full report and check what the actual figure is. The reason you will see a rise is if nothing is selling the price to market is stationary (even though the price to sell is falling) The SA will push both months positive. February is where it all goes tits up for Nationwide. Typically a month where its busy as buggery and the following 4/5 months after. large downward SA's to apply from then on, and dont be surpised to see several -1.5 to -2% or even more falls after the adjustment.
  11. 1. Organic food is always better for you in the long run. Not polluting the environment with chemicals doesnt need to be proved to be bad we know it is. Have you see the issue with a supposedly harmless weedkiller used on grass crops in recent years, finally found its way to manure and in turn decimated this past years produce crops on a lot of allotments. The sooner we stop putting unneccesary chemicals on crops the better. 2. In the same way growing your own means its locally produced hence no food miles = way better for the environment. Whilst you cant see the benefit it is there. Less air pollution is better for everyone. 3. Supermarket produce is picked from stock varieties for three reasons primarily. Cost, Look, and Shelf Life. A long way back in 4th is taste. Allotment grown food wont "Look" right but does it ever taste a lot better. I have been spoilt by my fresh sweetcorn. Cooked minutes after picking at the allotment. They were so sweet and sticky they needed no butter at all.
  12. Enjoy your evening trip home on the train. This is the main headline on the front of the evening standard today, in nearly two inch lettering!!!!!
  13. Ah a good question but a simple enough answer. 1. Many strict organic gardeners consider a seed to be organic when it is pulled from a wild plant found in a remote area of nowhere and the plant is naturally occuring. 2. Most seed catalogues consider an at least 2nd to 3rd generation plant that has been treated organically (no chemical fertilizers, weedkillers e.t.c) to be viable to produce seeds that can be classed as sale to the public as "Organic" seeds. 3. Anything else you buy in the shops is likely to be seeds from plants cultivated specifically for seeding. There are various ways to do this but for the most efficient production you will sterilise the environment and use any amount of non organic practices to produce the best crop of seeds you can. These would all be classed as non organic seed. I'm trying to save as much seed as I can from plants but some are just a pain in the neck to produce seed from and a total waste of time compared to the cost. (Packet of carrot seed with 300+ seeds in is about £1.80) I cant even be bothered to let carrots go to seed and mess about trying to get the seeds. On the other hand pumpkin seeds are outrageously expensive (they only give about 12-20 in a packet) and one decent pumkin can produce hundreds!
  14. The organic seeds I just order online. A total of nearly £100 spent which may seem expensive, but given I only have to sell 5 of the Giant Pumpkins to recoup that the rest of my veg is just time invested in cultivation. The wife said thats a lot for the seeds, but then once I made her realise exactly how much of the year I have covered with veg she asked why I didnt start sooner The value of pumkins can go down as well as up. I am not a financial advisor and any financial advice given was only considered as far as I could get the spade into the ground on these cold cold mornings.
  15. FOOT DUVET Restoration Hardware (US) Foot Duvet If you can find a way to get them over here, via a friend then these are absolutely brilliant. Stuck on the rad overnight so in the morning they are nice and toastie They really are mini duvets for your feet
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