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  1. I have had two threads deleted in the last two days no reason has been provided for the removal. I have seen a number of offensive, provocative, racists and generally nasty threads in this forum. Some of them are removed from the main forum and some are not. I can still see a few very unsuitable threads present in Trolls and About HPC sub forums. I have never complained about these threads, the way the site is moderated, controlled or contributed to. However, I have to say that I am deeply offended that my Interest Rates thread was deleted. It was posted correctly in the Economics sub forum. I didn’t post it on the Main Forum to grab attention as others do. I was prepared to patiently wait for people to notice it. I would have loved to have PM’d it to some of the posters I have ‘marked-down’ as being very financially aware, but instead, I put a link to it in my signature to highlight its presence. Yesterday, I discovered that this thread was missing. I looked for it in other sub forums, I looked for it in my post history. It was gone. I clicked the link in my signature, this lead me to a not found type page. My second deleted thread was an enquiry to the moderators about the first deleted thread. I posted this in the Upgrade sub forum because I knew that the moderators would visit and read every post. (Arguably, I know why this was deleted. Because I posted it in the wrong forum. I would not have had to post at all if my thread was not deleted). I took a screen dump of this thread (attached). I discovered the thread had been deleted today. Clearly, my signature was removed because it (partially) proved the existence of my deleted thread. But it wasn’t necessary to remove the entire signature, you could have removed the evidence only. I cannot think of any good reason for removing the thread or any thread for that matter. It is very poor behaviour.
  2. I know I should be basking in the glory that nobody is sending my way, but I’m a bit inclined to agree with some (not all) of the other posts on here. What is the answer to this question? 1 + 1 = ? Did you say 2? How do you know? Do you know the mathematics behind 1 + 1 = 2, or do you merely remember it and use it? There are people discussing 1 + 1 = 2 here: http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=58069 None-the-less, I did enjoy thinking about your questions. Thanks. --- The Champion
  3. mSparks Can we have your answers now?
  4. I feel like I should say something to retaliate, but the truth is, I have no idea what you are on about.
  5. Can I still try to answer the last question? A number representing the amount of money required to purchase a house. This number falls rapidly over time.
  6. YEs YEs yEs. That's really made my day. Thanke. Can you close down the thread now so no one can beat me. Edit to add: Yes, this really is the best thing to happen this week, and Yes I do have a sad life
  7. Sian was quite aggressive, I like it. We need more. “Yes, but it was the Torries fault”. Was his answer. I was expecting him to say, “So What?”
  8. Sadly, I was tought some of this, but I was so offended I left the lecture. I'm about to prove that I should have stayed and paid attention (it was many years ago) 1.What is a number? A unit used to define, 'How Many' 2.How do you add two numbers together? Continous counting from one number through the next 3.How do you subtract two numbers? Subtract 2 numbers or subtract one number from the other? Positive counting through one number followed by negative counting through the other number. 4. What is division? the number of times 1 No. fits into another 5. What is multiplication? The number of times a No. (occurs) 6. What is a power? The No. of times a No. is times'd by itself 7. What is an equation? A function, or a method of calculating something. 8. What is a percentage? A fraction of something 9. What is a Derivative (finance and mathematics - you should be able to give a single answer that explains both.)? In simple physics, a derivative is something that is made up of something else, with a measure of change. Example, Velocity is the rate of change of distance (with repsect to time). Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity (time again) 10. What is an integral? Oposite of a derrivative 11. What is a House Price? Something people write in threads to ensure that their topic doesn't get moved from the main forum. Edit to add: I didn't stay for the spelling lessions either
  9. I thought a central bank controls money supply by setting reserve requirements and interest rates. Surely these are the same for every bank right across Europe.
  10. There's a link in the other thread http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=79424
  11. Brighton East Sussex? I have looked and I can’t see them. I’m seeing 88 new properties today. I have not looked through every page but all of the ones I have looked at have photo’s
  12. Just had a look at one of the Fox & Sons braches on RM, http://www.rightmove.co.uk/action/publicsi...e=1213305198685 It looks like price rises have only happened on a few of their properties. I suspect that this is individual sellers rather than an estate agent policy.
  13. I got the 30 days from the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. Admittedly, it does allow you to change your payment dates in your contract to suit. My contracts have always been 30 days payments, both paying and receiving payments. Many builders would have seriously struggled to get contractors if their contracts have always said, “Payment within 30 days of project completion” or something similar. This could mean that a brick layer could be waiting months for a decorator to finish before getting paid. I did read some of the other thread on this subject and I can see how builders could have suckered people in. But, now that times have changed, I suspect that people will rather sue to get what they are owed than risk working for a further 6 months + and get nothing. Edit for clarity
  14. I thought invoices had to be paid within 30 days. Failure to pay with 30 days opens the door to legal action (through the small claims court if the amounts are small enough). How can the builder hold out for several months without paying? Edit: spelling
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