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  1. Angered by this statement, the interviewee sets off to discover that over the course of several thousand years and over numerous goods, the statement is correct (thanks in no small part to the price increase in the last few years). I think Krassimir Petrov has a video on youtube where he explains that gold only outperforms commodities towards the end of an inflation. Maybe buying "everything else" before moving into gold would be a good idea! History shows silver is better during an inflation (presumably because the commodity aspect of it rises in price with commodities in general, faster than gold): http://www.gold-eagle.com/editorials_08/ash061709.html
  2. I feel poorer when houses are more expensive - it's harder to save for a deposit and it's more difficult to pay the mortgage, so I stop spending. We don't get rich by spending or working, we get rich by adding value and increasing the economy's capital base. Consumption is mostly destructive of capital. If you think the basis of an economy is employment then can I have your washing machine? You can enjoy labouring whilst I enjoy the productive capital.
  3. It's worse in Devon...£1.99/litre http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/devon/7456458.stm
  4. That last post was in response to your assumption that I don't practice what I preach so don't worry, you can keep one back. If you can afford to have this many kids though, I'll state that population control is nothing to do with planning the extinction of the human race. My nephews will attest to that. I'm going to keep "quite" now as it's getting late.
  5. You don't have to kill yourself to control population growth, you just need not to have children. I have no children.
  6. Do you mean self-extinctionists? We cannot continue to grow the population at current rates. Something will stop it, be it famine, disease, war or the removal of the right to have children. I doubt we can rely on individuals to solve the problem individually as everyone wants kids and will just accept that their kids will have to work harder to get the same quality of life as their parents. It is not population control that will lead to extinction, it is lack of. There was a link to a good video posted a while back. Maybe you missed it? It explains the problem in very simple terms and is quite an eye-opener. The link to part 2 etc is handily placed in the yellow rectangle below the video. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=F-QA2rkpBSY 1999, population = 6,000,000,000 and growth = 1.3%/year Unchanged, there will be 1 square metre of land per person in 2779 Population doubling time at 1.3%/year is 53 years. If we find a new planet to live on then we have 53 years' breathing space before we need to find another 2.
  7. Already underway http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-55...n-10-years.html
  8. Definitely. The dividends on that sort of investment would equate to a serious increase in pre-tax salary from year 1, probably more so than attending public school would get you, and the capital would mean they'd need to put less away as a pension.
  9. Errm...check out Firefox and Adblock;) Going back to Internet Explorer to view the page I get Hertford Search for property in Hertford down to the last detail. www.globrix.com Oaklets Property Rentals Huge choice of quality flats and houses in S E London & Sevenoaks www.oaklets.co.uk '08 Stock Market Crash is only the beginning of troubles for America, leading to it's demise. www.the-end.com Moving home? Instant quotes for conveyancing, removals and surveys www.reallymoving.com Edit: that copy&paste job lost the formatting.
  10. Easy to come by if you have the license to print it. Note the best before date!
  11. She's working for herself, she benefits from high prices and a high interest in housing and prices. Let's hope she saved up during the good times Edit: speeling
  12. Yes, waiting for prices to fall 20% before you sell is a great idea if it will help you to find a "respectable" buyer.
  13. See "Correlation between HPI and mortgage approvals," near the bottom of the page http://www.houseprices.uk.net/articles/pro...y_transactions/
  14. Having the word "Advertisement" appear in the middle of another word is a bit of a give away. By not quoting the original article liarjohn can post an abridged version which supports his own bigoted outlook. If you search for the original article you'll often find there's not much to get angry about. At least one recent thread where he did this got deleted
  15. "It is theoretically possible we'll end up talking ourselves into another 90s-style slump, but a slump that will have nothing to do with real economic fundamentals," said the boy in the bubble ('scuse the pun). One wonders how Mr Burrell thinks this "heard" of valuation-lowering surveyors came about. There must have been enough of them to form a critical mass, so why did those first people decide to start lowering valuations? Looked at the economic fundamentals, perhaps?
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