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  1. trying to be technical about nothing is the sure sign of a true Ponzi.
  2. So did Mr Ponzi. And many many others who thought they were rich and lost it all on a scam exchange. Not only that, having just one Bitcoin IF the world accepts the currency as THE World currency, would make the holder one of the richest 0.01percent...and that aint going to happen.
  3. What I see time and again in the safe bitcoin space is fraud, loss and dissappointment after the hype.
  4. we need bigger loans..the banks just arent lending anymore...so there.
  5. or falls would be better...indeed, the AST accomodates the pricing issue already. its just that Landlords in the main arent interested.
  6. Negative equity does not equal cant pay.
  7. keep them till it becomes currency and your holding will make you one of the richest people on the planet. 21 million BTC between 9 billion folks.....
  8. They do it for the age old reason. £1.99 is cheaper than £2.00....the brain feels £1 v £2...reality shows virtually no difference, but it is people we are dealing with, not machines.
  9. you arent thinking properly...you are not seeing the big picture, a melting pot of diverse yet mono culture throughout the World.
  10. that is how the law works. Stated cases will remain on the books, common law too. Much Euro law is just codification of political direction, rather than necessary to the daily lives of people. Much of it is not even enforced. Laws are repealed all the time. Authorities simply look to the existing and ancient laws/rulings to handle the gaps. We had no trouble dealing with terrorists in the past...Euro laws simply got in the way what with dealing with feelings and race tying up real police work with paperwork and stats.
  11. actually, the "other peoples'" profit most. Bankers sell mortgages,
  12. when every body does the same, for the same reasons, everybody suffers...such is the goal of the left.
  13. I think what was missed at the time of this discussion was the massive shadow banking system with MBS at its root, the SIV at it heart.
  14. remember that "IO mortgage timebomb" Moneybox (R4 BBC) today were going on about it. Two cases where people were misled by the wording INTEREST ONLY MORTGAGE complaining banks want their money back at term. Ombudsman had 450 odd complaints, upheld only 70 or so... Of course, the poor woman didnt understand because she was old when she took out the mortgage in 1991, retired now.
  15. The law prohibits this..although you seem to betalking about liquidations, which are for legal entitites other than an individual.
  16. Its not a tradition. It was a legal way to acknowledge you couldnt pay. Bankruptcy is the risk a lender takes lending and justifies the interest charge to reflect that risk. Never used to end after 1 year. That was a recent refinement as lending economy requires as many people get back in the game ASAP.
  17. He was disruptive at school too.
  18. You cant sack Carney for being incompetent. He has only one job in life. that is to rescue in secret his charges who make their living by selling loans to everyone and who, in times of stress, borrow to cover their overlending. He therefore only does lending and borrowing. And when he has infinite resources, he buys so the borrowers can get the cash they cant borrow anymore.
  19. nah, they will get their "BTL" discount (instant equity) and put scum families they cant house in Housing Associations right in the middle of private developments.
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