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  1. I think this is huge Half of the value of all house purchases last year are tied directly, not indirectly, to London City bonuses Astonishing
  2. Thats an astonishing figure Can we therefore assume, an ENORMOUS chunk of BTLers are not, in fact, in it for the long term, and are actually city boys taking a wild punt
  3. Northern Rock queuers : 90% Boomers?
  4. Come on guys/gals, haven't you learnt your lesson? The markets will be up and down like a whores draws for weeks, maybe months
  5. So many utter numpties flying so close to the wind that they can't even manage a couple of months of voids You have my sympathies I do wonder why anyone already on the "ladder" would put themselves and their families in the hands of these idiots, once I'm on, thats it No more renting for me, job permitting
  6. Spoon, Run a f*cking mile mate, absolute chancer
  7. Realistbear is a fraud His logon is shared amongst a group of Bulls to wind you lot up
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