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  1. Wait. My parents taught me that if I could not afford something, I should save or do without. There is some wisdom in the old ways.
  2. This yield curve is set by the market participants. The price at which buying and selling occurs. Lets not assume that the BoE follows the markets. Lets not assume that Libor and bank mortgage rates are have a 100% positive correlation. It would be worth while looking at the Libor/Mortgage rate spread over history. Perhaps you might notice something unsavoury to the Bulls
  3. Hmmmm .... Buy Northern Rock one week; sell "Big Issue" the following week.
  4. As an "ethnic" myself, I am inclined to agree with the man. In general, indians do have a tendency to go over the top. I don't feel offended by the comment. I might add that most Irish people I have ever met have been the most nicest and pleasant people. Scotts are like that too. Perhaps we could learn to emulate their good traits.
  5. Pleasant dreams It feels so good to not have a mortgage, I sleep easy
  6. Awwwww.... see this also http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml...17/nrock617.xml
  7. As defaults rise, banks will tend to raise margins.....if they do this in concert, as i suspect they will, then people who are in debt will feel the pinch a lot more All good news really (for bears like me)
  8. I was tempted to buy a brand new Toshiba Regza 37" LCd from tescos today.... only 600 squid! bargain
  9. Lets not make the assumption that banks will offer at Base rate + .25%. It is possible for the banks to charge BoE + a few percent...
  10. A PUT is a gamble that a market will go down. An owner of a put has the right bt not the obligation to sell at a certain price to the seller of the put. Its a one way bet that costs an upfront premium.
  11. The Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank owned by a number of banks. This is not a US federal government institution. The fed would always bail out its shareholder.
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