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    That is scraping the barrel
  2. Give him a break Miss Pedantic, people like you give the British a bad name
  3. sought after my ****! That is ridiculous, they could of at least cleaned the place pre photos! They deserve to lose out in the house price crash!
  4. Inflation should be factored in to house prices as it has a major impact.
  5. I would be a little wary with the solicitor in the family, my experience tells me that you have to watch these sharks like a hawk. If it's no big deal for you then fair enough, but perhaps you can play the devious buggers at their own game and use it as a negotiation point. I am currently informally renting my property after thankfully selling my property just before the credit crunch, due to the fact that this property is actively on the market, i have negotiated a very favorable rental. I think you are in the same position given the terms they are offering. So my recommendation is to be upfront with them and show that you know the score and expect a reduction in rent. That's my two pennies worth anyway.
  6. It's a tough situation, the local market certainly dictates the "going rate" but as someone esle suggested the competition for the property will play a big factor, for those that have sorted their finances then its perhaps a good time to buy if the price is keen, but adding competition plays on human psychology. Perception of value is key.
  7. A hitman can command quite a decent income don't you know? Shame he can't get a mortgage. I guess having to "self cert" will further decrease his chances?
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