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  1. My link theres a Margate flat for £24,995 on rightmove. And the one above for £30kish..........no bidding necassary. The metal on the windows is probably some cheapskates idea of security. Margate is a bit run down at the moment, shops closing down etc . thats why the prices are so low.
  2. Rented domestic and residental accomodation . In england and wales. The landlord and tennant act 1985 section 11 repairing obligations in short leases sub-section (1)( requires a landlord to keep in repair and proper working order the installations in the dwelling-house for the supply of water, gas, and electricity. from page 14 guidance note 3
  3. With monotonous regularity we get posters making absolutely pointless comments like the post above I thought it was a discussion board.
  4. similar to when the banks were offering 8% on regular saver accounts only allowing you to save low £££ per month. + hardly any interest earned in the early months...........making it a better option to save a lump sum elsewhere.
  5. Spotted this 7% cash isa in a news article . 7% cash isa
  6. I dont know about £20k of an Audi . but the dealers do seem more interested in cash these days. I wanted to buy a silly little new car about a year ago and waving cash in front of dealers noses didnt seem to have any effect. This year different story . i picked up a Brand new Ford Ka climate, air con ,heated front screen,metalic,, revolving wheels transparent windows etc. £5380.00 I thought that was cheap . I know the new model was coming out , Still seemed cheap to me i actually enjoyed handing over the £££,
  7. look at form R85 direct.org-form-r85 link Try reading through this information
  8. £400k is a lot of money if you had to save it up...... People dont seem to value the £400k the same way when they are borrowing it.........
  9. I started buying part of the shopping at ALDI. Most of the products are as good as The top brands. At first i was suscpicious, how can these items be so much cheaper. Once i worked out the answer i am convinced i am getting as good product for a bargain price. My conclusion was Aldi have one of everything, no choice of brands which means that they probably went to the best producer to get the best deal at the best price. So you get a top class product.Also the products are just on plain display unlike the larger supermarkets where they have employed psychologists to brain wash us and buy things we dont want. it seems good honest shopping, I had to unbrainwash myself to try some of the products. I have tried the cheap brands at Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and i really notice the difference they deliberately make the products taste nasty so you buy the branded products. I have been gradually trying new Aldi items Tomato sauce is as nice as Heinz. Mayonaise as nice as Hellmans, Their musli is better than Alpen,weetabix the same as real weetabix The 58p mouthwash i am quite sure is the colgate plax (the green-un). The only thing i have absolutely hated so far is their pasta sauce i dropped my spagetti bolognaise straight in the bin. I tried their anti-dandruff shampoo and my scalp never fell off so it must be ok.......... I am super fussy and quite surprised by my little Aldi experiment.
  10. I know its not quite like applying properly but their online mortgage calculators dont seem to have been adjusted. I put in my details and with just my wages and the lloyds mortgage calculator still offered me a ridiculous £197,000 I would never want to borrow anything like that .
  11. There is no fixed time . the time will be different for all you. You will soon know when the time is right it just feels right The property will seem worth it. You will have to feel secure in your job, if your not secure with your current partner dump them go it alone it will save you a fortune in the long run. The last time round house prices were still very low even after employment had picked up. Get the largest deposit and shortest term mortgage you can afford.In my opinion a 10 year term is too long.When getting your mortgage deal calculate how much you will actually pay back.Not how much your paying a month. hopefully your new mortgage will be around the same price as your existing rent So you feel that you are getting a fair deal , you will feel that your not throwing money down the drain . Another point you are forgetting the quicker you pay it off, You live rent free. Well that was my thoughts before i bought at the bottom of the last recession, price felt right the 10 year mortgage (50% dep)was cheaper than the rent, paid off in 5 years lived rent free for the last nine years. When the sums add up to something similar it is time to buy a house.
  12. I see another Disaster looming. 2 bedroom flat built on a roundabout £435k they must be insane. How did they get planning permission for that ? Its at Newgate roundabout where Wellsely , St James, whitehorse road meet. link to rightmove 2 bed flat £435,000 link to planning permission 2007 link to soon to be bankrupt developer Council must have seen the advantages 1: Not having to cut the grass on the roundabout anymore 2: 184 lots of poll tax from a roundabout. 3:The residents will play a part in filtering out the local traffic pollution. 4:Its within crawling distance of mayday hospital for the victims of muggings and stabbings. A few years ago a friend of mine bought a flat on the outside of that roundabout because it was cheap all you could hear was traffic noise and police sirens.
  13. Cant be built any worse than this 1930's badly built draughty old ineffecient thing i am living in now .where the road floods twice a year. I havent ever read anything bad about soveriegn harbour properties. If You have send us the link..
  14. Nah not a plumber just a mere mortal electrician. I suppose they could re-appear on the market if the so called buyers cannot get the mortgage
  15. I have been keeping my eye on 2 bed apartments in East Sussex.Prices dont seem to be dropping too much . Over the weekend two properties appeared on rightmove that seemed reasonably priced. 1 was in sovereign harbour a 2 bedroom apartment,balcony with harbour views, underground parking etc. £134,995 The other property was a cheaper 2 bed apartment at newhaven opposite the river. £104,995 I am on emergency callout this week (so couldnt go and have a look) i thought i would pop down this coming weekend and have a little look. I was looking for them on rightmove Tuesday and both properties had disapeared, i ticked the sold STC box and found both of them the eastbourne property "Under offer" And the Newhaven property "STC". I thought i was going to get a chance to make a cheeky cash offer. Thats the first two that i thought were reasonably priced. Someone out there still seems to be spending money.
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