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  1. I own a pair of Prada shoes (cost £200), they say 'Made in Vietnam' inside. Doubt they cost as much as £10 to make!
  2. Foxtons EA have been doing this for a few years in London, plasma tv showing sky sports, fridges full of beer etc.
  3. There’s a lot of talk here about Indians but has no one else noticed the high number of antipodeans working in IT in London. I've spoke to quite a few who plan on working in London for a few years, saving loads of money and going back to NZ or wherever and buying a house for cash. This sounds like a nice little idea and who can blame them for providing a good future for themselves. BUT what about: 1. The jobs they have taken from UK locals. 2. The work experience they will be taking out of the country. 3. The money pouring out of the country. 4. How can NZ locals compete with cash buyers.
  4. You’re far from unemployable if you have examples of your work to show employers, and I don’t necessarily mean commercial examples. This is not making space rockets or nuclear reactors. We all have the tool to make technically excellent web applications in front of us. What I would advise though is to move away from the open source tools. PHP+MySQL+Linux OS = Cheap setup costs = Cheap employer = Low wages. Fine if your happy earning £25,000 in London but if not I’d move towards ASP.NET or Java.
  5. I’ve been working at the coal face of software development for 10 years so this thread has been very interesting to read. No surprise that the number of IT graduates is down. Believe it or not many teenagers do not know what they want to do in life so these people are steered towards a career path by the media or their parents. During the 90s the career to go into was IT. It was booming, big salaries, lots of work, supposedly easy for someone with a bit of intelligence and a degree in the subject. My course had lots of these types of people on it and surprise surprise many were quite good at the subject. Fast forward a few years and we had the dot com crash, lots of people out of work and not just from small dot com companies but from the city and from the large consultancies. IT was no longer the thing to do. Many people who would have gone into IT in the 90s would not be steered into it now; perhaps they are all on the property management courses? As others have said, off shoring requires some very well thought out processes to convey requirements to someone in a different time zone, thousands of miles away who speaks, reads and writes English very poorly. Most companies are incapable of this. I now specialise in contracting for medium sized companies who want someone they can speak to face to face and if they change their mind 5 minutes later then they only have to walk across the office to chat with me.
  6. propertysnake looks a great site but it seems to have some propblems. There is a studio flat near me, came onto the market a year ago with one EA for £250,000. And no that isnt a typo and this isnt central London. Over the year it has gone from one EA to another (currently has 2 boards outside), the price being reduced every few months to currently £195,000. Sadly propertysnake only shows it being on the marktet for 71 days and a 2% reduction.
  7. I'll admit I like the look of open plan kitchen/living rooms but the build quality of some new builds is awful. I went to visit a friend who rents a new build house in Hackney. I was shocked ! No way did anyone who owns a property in the development see the houses before buying them, it was like the sketch in the Armando Iannucci show where the house is made of paper:
  8. Doubt there will be a riot, by the looks of the crowds they are 99% pensioners.
  9. The BBC even have a short url to make it easy for us: www.bbc.co.uk/creditcrunch Its not from the taxpayer though is it? Is'nt it just created from thin air?
  10. Wasn't the building boom in Miami during the 80's fueled by drug money? It ended up crashing.
  11. I can’t blame the kids for worrying about house prices. When I was that age I was convinced that going to University and getting a 'well paid' job would naturally allow me to buy a nice home. The kids aren’t idiots, they can see this is no longer true.
  12. No one has a crystal ball, the FTSE 100 could go up in the next month or it could go down. Presently some of the finest (and highest paid) minds in the country are trying to work this out. Perhaps one will pop onto the forum and give us their opinion. But it will be an opinion and nothing more, financial models have proven to be wrong before. Just remember that tracker isas are long term (5+ years) investments and not the place to put money you might need sooner, such as house deposits.
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