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  1. Surely they can't be talking about the UK jobs market where this is currently happening.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46520876
  2. My inlaws gave us a plot of land next to their house to build on. We did own houses before as we were lucky to buy our first in the mid 90s before it went crazy. I'm hoping one of the kids will take over the house when they get older and my wife and I can find somewhere smaller. There are too many coffin dodgers around here, still in there 4 and 5 bed houses! I don't want to be saddle with a massive house when I'm a pensioner.
  3. Wow, less than a third of the homes will be affordable. I wonder what will happen to the unaffordable ones.
  4. Actually, next week they follow the property developers to report it from their side. I'm interested to see how they can do this without painting them as the villain though. I was lucky enough to build my own house in a small village a few years ago and so I have tended not to object to other developments in the village. However, having seen the programme last night, I think both sides are in the wrong. The NIMBYs because they should expect at least some expansion of their village and the developers because they appear to be creating yet another maze of tiny unaffordable sh1tboxes.
  5. I got a used Merc on PCP. Once I'd paid down some of the balance I converted it to a traditional loan. Should still be worth about 5k by the time I have paid it off so I'm happy with that. It was the easiest way to finance the car at the time and it was really easy to settle the finance online.
  6. I agree. It's a tough decision to make but handing the keys back would be high up on my list of options. I had been wondering whether building warranty should have covered it but I guess it was within the regs when it was built.
  7. Yes, and I fully expect the builder's solicitor to have stitched them up with a costly leasehold arrangement.
  8. High voltage lines can ionise molecules. There's some more discussion points here on the health effects.. http://www.emfs.info/health/ions/ions-commentary/
  9. I imagine that mainland Europeans need higher pensions to pay for their rent which they will need to keep paying in old age, whereas in the UK, we'll have all paid off our mortgages, won't we. See, we don't need as much.
  10. We built our house with a kitchen diner and separate lounge. Works really well. You don't want to see dirty dishes when you sit down in front of the telly. We do have a separate dining room but decided to use it as an office instead.
  11. I used to be. I got a call from one years ago saying he could get me 300 a day for a particular contract and in the end the client called me direct through a friend of a friend and I found out it was available at 400 a day. So the agent would have taken that difference and pocketed it, on top of what the client had allowed for agency fees. When I took up the job, I actually had to go through that same agent to get paid and he seemed surprised that I had managed to negotiate my own contract. Really? It's not exactly that difficult.
  12. Looking at the pictures, they'd have to be blind as well.
  13. Oil is terrible. We rented an oil heated house for 18 months and it cost a fortune. The boiler was so inefficient, it was a right pain getting deliveries organised and you're always worried someone will nick all your oil one night. We built a house in the same village but we have an air source heat pump instead. Electric bills with heating combined are ~100 quid per month and I get 120 quid renewable heat incentive payment once a quarter.
  14. Most people use the solicitors that were recommended to them by the house builder.
  15. OMG. My inlaws live in a five bed house and have so much tat they can't move. Some of the bedrooms you can't sleep in. I call him Mr Treebus. We're going to have to get a skip in eventually. I'd welcome less stuff. The effort they put into looking after the stuff is crazy.
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