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  1. Absolutely no idea, TBH. For all I know, I could be the only one in the company that didn't get a rise. It's so non-transparent.
  2. Yeah, and it's a whole year of waiting for another review, which is tough. Presumably, if we went into double digit inflation and people started leaving in large numbers, they would be forced to do something about it.
  3. Not easily. It's still a good job and I'd be unlikely to get another employer who'll pay 25% into my pension like this one does. They also refuse to make counter offers to people who say they are leaving, so there's no playing that game either.
  4. Just got my annual pay review. 0% increase this year.
  5. It's Banstead. TBH, I'm not ramping up or down. It was just an anecdotal I heard today. I'm sceptical that the houses will move and I expect the sentiment to turn sharply at some point. The reported market excitement could be due to people wanting to move out of central London and it could also be related to the stamp duty situation. Either way, these things are temporary.
  6. My colleague has just reported that he has two houses up for sale in Surrey (one he lives in and one was his Grandad's who sadlidied). Both are under offer and he can't get seem to find anywhere to buy as they're gone as soon as the agent puts them on the market. Whether any of it actually shifts past the offer stage is quite another thing.
  7. Probably below the VAT threshold for turnover, as Bruce says. Doesn't matter if they are sole trader or not. You can be a limited company and still trade below the VAT threshold. It's bonus for you. 20% cheaper.
  8. Both my wife and I could not believe our ears here. How did that woman have the nerve to quote this figure as a success? 40% not happy!! WTF? Surely everyone should be happy in their home. In addition, why does nobody ever point out that if someone is living in a house and could only afford to pay half the value, then it is worth only worth that. This is all a con. Finally. People get into this mess because they don't get the professional representation they need. How many use the developer's own solicitor? That's why they have no idea what they are getting themselves into.
  9. Exactly that happened but the this morning interview seemed aimed at making her out to be a nutcase.
  10. What a great idea. Once up and running, it could be used to enforce all sorts of other things. Not up to date with your tax payments? No footy.
  11. I think statistics suggest I am more likely to drown this year, but it doesn't put me off swimming.
  12. Unfortunately, masks help people feel 'safe'. I assume that was why they seemed to randomly come into law just before the shielders were encouraged to mix in public. Most of us were OK without them before.
  13. The lockdown was only supposed to flatten the curve. It looks well and truly squashed to me so why are parts of our lives still so heavily restricted?
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