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  1. A mothers perception of love and that of the baby may differ. They may be experiencing two diferent sensations. A touch, kiss or look can all be misinterpreted, as can words and their precise intention. Transfering thoughts from one consciousness to another is not precise.
  2. If there was only one human being left alive would it not be possible for him/her to form an abstract idea? Would he need another consciousness to do it?
  3. You cannot detach the concept of joy from the consciousness that created it. No 2 peoples concept of joy can be identical. Only language adequately allows the transmission of the concept from one brain to another. Everything points to the fact that the concept cannot exist without the brain and that it has a physicalilty.
  4. I think you're giving the governement too much credit. If the governement was this competent then we wouldn't be in the mess we're in. But yes some of it is government manipulation, and to be fair some of it is having the desired effect of plugging the dam. The rest of the country and world is not curling up and waiting to die. They're still going out everyday trying to make money. Everyone is putting a spin on their product or service and therefore to some small degree playing a part in manipulating a bounce.
  5. Everything is aligning nicely for an economic bounce. You're seeing it in the housing and equities. Of course it's unsustainable. No doubt they're hoping it will make them more electable than they are now.
  6. Are you asking me or telling me? Potatoes, buckets and chips are tangible objects, not concepts.
  7. A thing can be an abstract or a concept. Walking, sprinting and running are not the same thing, or are they?
  8. Remember he is famous for talking in larger timescales though. To him a 2, 3 or even 10 year downward trend is only a brief stall.
  9. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=new...id=a6hgHyLBy0VU
  10. Unpredictable times, for sure! http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Technolog...ng_Up_Very_Well
  11. It's more likely to drop a few humdred points this week than go the other way.
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