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  1. I think you have two choices, either like stated a VW T5 which is converted or convert your own, or a economical 4wd like a CR-V/ Rav 4/Jeep Patriot/ Freelander and a Roof Tent: http://www.rooftent.co.uk Roof tents can be popped up really quickly and dont fill up your car, there are canvas ones and the Hard type like the Maggiolinas. Whatever you decide good luck
  2. An alternative view point... http://peakoil.com/geology/why-the-u-s-is-not-the-new-saudi-arabia/
  3. This article is pumped up BS. Firstly look at the source: Shelter is a homeless organisation, and they questioned 2,200 people, hardly a true representation of the whole of the UK is it.. Unless we know if the where the 2200 were from i.e. one area of one city, or nationwide this survey is total ********.
  4. I think the mentality on paying for news will change when devices like the Ipad/slate get popular, and custom editions are made for them with apps, rather than just web browser based news. This will probably be the future for most mags too.
  5. Can recommend Dunster House if your going the cabin route Dunster House
  6. Steve Cook HPC Guru Group:Members Posts:7,450 Joined:08-November 07 thats what I see...
  7. Guys read this: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=126879
  8. actually I think its quite good value
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