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  1. Thank you- if I knew how to I would add in "Ponzi" somewhere in that line aswell.
  2. So you're saying it's the Boomers fault for having £1 million houses, not the Bankers or Politicians who created the problem?
  3. You are far too astute for this forum . I would also add Politicians to the buck passers.
  4. Good analogy . But globalisation was never about making people or nations more wealthy, just Corporations. It's working just as they planned.
  5. Snippet from Stephanie Flanders BBC article- "Most economists expect the Bank to hold off from raising interest rates to try to bring inflation back down sooner." Comedy Genius.
  6. You raise a fair point but I think it's more accurate to say "Much of the electorate believe they have a vested interest in this scam..." They are just too stupid to realise that in the end it will/is making them far worse off.
  7. yep,then all the idiot lefties will blame the next tory Gov.t for being mean and in 20-30 years time we will be back here again. What an intelligent species we are.
  8. I see he started his demo before the twin Towers came down. Would be interesting to know what he thought of that?
  9. Supply and demand is an economic model based on price, utility and quantity in a market. It concludes that in a competitive market, price will function to equalize the quantity demanded by consumers, and the quantity supplied by producers, resulting in an economic equilibrium of price and quantity. An increase in the quantity produced or supplied will typically result in a reduction in price and vice-versa. Similarly, an increase in the number of workers tends to result in lower wages and vice-versa. The model incorporates other factors changing equilibrium as a shift of demand and/or supply. source:wikipedia
  10. Yep,despite thousands of people losing their jobs and exhorbitant prices the demand will only increase
  11. Ireland should join the EU asap, that will sort them out
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