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  1. 1. The government held two public consultations that were so badly advertised they were virtually a secret. The proposals were defeated twice, by significantly more people writing to the home office in opposition than in support. The government ignored the results and went ahead anyway. 2. The London School of Economics (LSE) brought together sixty of their academic staff and a dozen professors, and wrote several lengthy reports about the project. They concluded that the ID card proposals are 'too complex, technically unsafe ... and lack a foundation of public trust and confidence'. The g
  2. I hope people will realise that if people with access to the database are corrupt then your biometrics can be replaced by someone elses, leaving you a non-person; as how will you be able to prove you are who you are when the database says you are not ? The journalist should really have managed a paragraph on this aspect...
  3. In whose name are the bills ? Is everything joint ? Check your tenancy agreement, sometimes they state that the deposit will not be returned until you have proved that all the bills have been paid.
  4. Unless the extremely high standards of cleanliness that your landlord requires are clearly specified in your tenancy agreement than it is unreasonable of him to demand them. This has been tested in the small claims courts before; a good "spring cleaning" of the property is all that is generally required.
  5. It strikes me that the banks may be the only ones to benefit from ID cards, not because they will reduce identity theft but because it will allow the bank to transfer the responsibility of the identity theft from the bank to the client. I mean if there is supposedly a "foolproof" form of ID then it must be your fault if someone manages to borrow money in your name, so the bank will then be able to hold you responsible for it.
  6. So the police work for the people who pay their wages -- either way if whoever pays their wages is corrupt, then the police are corrupted. At least the goverment is still alledgely accountable to the people, and if the government shows signs of corruption then the people have to get out and make a noise, protest !! No matter how much money you may have there are somethings you cannot protect yourself from -- No man is an island
  7. Bump this thread if you intend to resist the encroaching powers of the state -- everyone needs to know that they are not alone -- there is safety in numbers and all that.
  8. The real question for everyone worried about the creeping big-brother state is what are you going to do about it? What are you going to do to make it more difficult for them to acheive it ? Doing nothing would be the equivalient of smiling sweetly and thanking them as they lock you in your cage.
  9. Generally it takes about 2 weeks (though they say longer), so if you send it off at the begining of May you shouldn't have a problem. If you are at all worried, you can pay extra and have it done a lot faster. All the details about passport renewal can be found in the link in my signature.
  10. Yes do something !! Spread the word - let people know whats happening - not many seem to realise the full implications Renew your passport Write to your MP VOTE next Thursday and tell the Nu Labour counter EXACTLY why you wont be voting for them donate time/money to NO2ID/LIBERTY act now before its too late
  11. Indeed, a licence to exist that can be taken away on a whim of the home secretary -- or maybe just because you called for him to resign!
  12. This is true, they each have some information about you, DVLA :: name, address, car model, registration no. Doctors: name,address,telephone no, medical history Bank :: name,address,telephone no., mother's madien name but importantly they are not allowed to disclose any of this information without your permission The problem with the NIR is it will be a centralised database containing all this information (and more) and it can be disclosed to 3rd parties WITHOUT your permission. Imagine a search on your number plate would let someone not only have access to your name and address (re
  13. fake ID cards will be just as easy to get hold of as fake passports, and anyhow the cost of any free treatments will be completely dwarfed by the costs of the ID scheme come now, there are only ~4000 members of this forum you can trust us not to abuse your details your name, address and telephone number, marital status, mother's maiden name please... oh yes and where do your children go to school ? in a few years you willl have to trust these details and more to ~800,000 government employees
  14. okay, now tell us your name, address and telephone number.
  15. At the moment I completely agree with you, but piece by piece, bill by bill this present government is setting up all the mechanisms and destroying all checks and balences that prevent this from happening. If we dont take a stand now then in 10 years time we may wake up and realise that it is too late to do anything about it. All that is required for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing. Can you honestly say that you dont have a problem with ID cards and the NIR ?? If you have no problems with this complete invasion of privacy -- then you wont mind telling everyone here when was th
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