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  1. Do food stamps work in the US? Do the US proprotionally spend less on welfare? It sounds like a good idea but are vouchers they way forward?
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Tapie He's an interesting fellow that Bernard Tapie something of the Bunga Bunga about him. Lagard sure has rattled some Cyprus trees in the last few weeks. Not surprised the EU Stasi police come a' knockin'
  3. When it goes into administration I take it the money lenders get there money first and the customers can wait in line
  4. The pub trade is needs to be given some tax brakes, we need to get boozing its good for the economy
  5. They were a well run business many moons ago. But typical private equity backed and went on a buying sprey of hostile takeovers aiming one day to float on the stock exchange. Greedy C**nts
  6. Apparently you could have picked up a spitfire at the end of the 1940's for about fifty quid. Today you could sell a Spitfire for £3million quid. If they find the 100 buried spitfires in Burma there will be a Spitfire Price Crash.co.uk
  7. I miss RealistBear, he did get abit of stick though for his anti gold stance. I hope he is happy and fulfilled with life away from HPC It does seem alot quieter in here these days.
  8. So if the money flow is towards the Baby boomers surely when this demorgraphic start to pop their clogs the governments inheritance tax intake will be looking very healthy
  9. Lichfield has the affect. depressing town.... a spartan souless place where the even the air is stagnant and the overall ambience sucks the joy out of anyone who dares stay longer than a day. Where is this underground place you speak of? the Wall?
  10. Isn't it a case of government still borrowing more but at less a rate of borrowing which inturn is being eaten up by inflation? Also the Coalition are placing public money to other areas that labour would not? The IMF are also advising we go with Plan B = less austerity and yet the rating agencies threatened to downgrade UK yesterday due to borrowing up! Rock and a hard place but then I don't espose the doom and gloom apocoltyptic predictions on the economy. We will wobble along for sometime yet i'm sure
  11. ahh its another race to the bottom. they really want to kill off FIAT
  12. indeed crap towns are all relative. But Reading was a ghost town after 8pm until the early 90's when the first weatherspoons was build (Monks retreat) The night life improved and gradually got busier until as far as I can see the smoking ban kicked in and the clubs and pubs have started to wain. So in essence it is a crap town but with access to lovely countryside, the river and only 30 minutes away from london its quiet handy if abit souless
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