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  1. I haven't seen the latest set of accounts, but for the year ending July 07, their turnover was £611m (up 6%), profit after tax was £31m (up 3%), and on the balance sheet, the net assets were £76m (down 27%). So doesn't look so bad up to that point, but no doubt sales have taken a battering this year and one wonders how they faired in the year to July 08, and indeed since then.
  2. But just because a particular council has a majority of Tory councillors, does that mean that they have the power to set pay levels for council employees and executives, or to veto the executives' decisions on things like the hiring of consultants?
  3. Sounds like a good idea. Although perhaps we should go even further and get rid of these posts all together never mind sharing them. I mean, however did we manage before? I'm relatively young so I'm not sure how it was done before, but I'm sure we haven't always had 6 figure earning "Chief Executives", and "Directors for Diversity and Change".
  4. I think he kept it going for so long because most of his "investors" continued to pile money in, but took out very little of their captial or "profits". Their statements continued to show excellent returns, there was always enough confidence in what they thought they had on paper so greed kept the money rolling in, and a run never occured.
  5. When i go into Leeds city centre it does seem as busy as ever. but how much are people spending? a 1% drop in sales versus xmas last year will be seen by the retail sector as disasterous, but on reflection 1% less economic activity is probably quite hard to spot visually just by walking through our shops and town centres.
  6. Absolutely sickening. Most of these "jobs" are typical examples of neo-left waste and bureaucracy.
  7. I tripped into that swoopo auction site just last week... watched a few items, and came to the conclusion that they are absolutely raking it in. fools and their money really are easily parted. The RRPs they give are wildly optimistic, especially with the current sales on for things like consumer electronics. A 42" TV, they reckoned was worth "up to" £1200, but when i did a google shopping search, it's readily available for £600. And the person I saw winning it, spent about £400 on bids, never mind the £200+ for the winning bid and 40 quid delivery. It's a scam.
  8. Funny how they never asked for more staff or money before, in fact their own enquiry came back saying their performance was excellent. Sorry but there's three separate argument/logical fallacies in that paragraph. -What has my willingness or not to do a job have to do with the rates they pay someone else and the quality of their staff? Absolutely nothing, you're connecting two unrelated statements and hoping they'll make a point. Quite clearly some social workers are very good at their jobs (at current pay levels), and some are very poor (at current pay levels), and some are probably just okay. -Noone here said anything to suggest that the best way was to employ those willing to accept the lowest wage. -Me thinking that £200k is a ridiculous sum of money for the role of Head of Children Services in no way implies that I think i'd be more suitable for the job then anyone else.
  9. Yes I think you're correct, there was at least one social worker who did. But there was also the one assigned directly to the family towards the end, who despite having a "workload" of just 7 families (norm would be 10-12 iirc) only visited once in the weeks before the child's death and somehow was blagged into thinking the child was okay.
  10. BBC This article made me mad. They want more money? More money for them to piss up against the wall? Balls should tell them where to go. And after they nearly double the Head of Children Services salary to 200k for whoever takes over from the sacked Sharon Shoesmith. How about they sack a few of their worthless "Advisors for Change Strategy" or "Framework for Knowledge and Skills Directors" or other non jobs they've invented to pay vast sums of our money to their guardian reading comrades. That would save a few quid. Or even better, how about simply employing soical workers who have some basic powers of common sense? :angry:
  11. It certianly disturbed me. He was a worthless excuse for a human being and I sincerely hope he ends up getting burned alive by "the community" mob. I don't agree with vigilantism but I'll make an exception in this case. Sure, some will blame his violent childhood, but there's plenty of folk who had violent childhoods who don't go round doing that sort of thing.
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