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  1. Barman says, "Would you like me to remove your head? And I'm not talking about your pint."
  2. Thanks Questiondog - you've given me hope - I am not the dolt that I thought I was becoming! I agree with Cynicus, that really was a great introduction to the subject and has explained it in nice, simple terms for me. It has done nothing to reduce the fears I have of this country being shafted, but makes me feel better that I understand a bit more about it now. @Cynicus - Thanks for the links. Admittedly that all seems a bit over my head at a first glance but I will persevere in the hope that I can 'get it' a bit more. Thank you both.
  3. You can call me an idiot if you like, although I do have an OK grasp on financial gubbins, but I'm a little confused about something that I wondered if someone could clear up for me? Labour came to power owing nothing. Then they borrowed money. Lots of it. If the target of 40% of the GDP (or whatever it is - I'm sure I've got that wrong) is exceeded then they - I disassociate myself from Crash Gordon and his cronies - must have borrowed a hell of a lot. My question is, where did they borrow all of this money from? The BOE? Surely there isn't an unlimited pot, and if they continue borrowing d
  4. I would, without a shadow of doubt, give one (or even two) to both of them. Preferably at the same time. If I had to choose my favourite? Kirsty.
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