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  1. Barman says, "Would you like me to remove your head? And I'm not talking about your pint."
  2. Thanks Questiondog - you've given me hope - I am not the dolt that I thought I was becoming! I agree with Cynicus, that really was a great introduction to the subject and has explained it in nice, simple terms for me. It has done nothing to reduce the fears I have of this country being shafted, but makes me feel better that I understand a bit more about it now. @Cynicus - Thanks for the links. Admittedly that all seems a bit over my head at a first glance but I will persevere in the hope that I can 'get it' a bit more. Thank you both.
  3. You can call me an idiot if you like, although I do have an OK grasp on financial gubbins, but I'm a little confused about something that I wondered if someone could clear up for me? Labour came to power owing nothing. Then they borrowed money. Lots of it. If the target of 40% of the GDP (or whatever it is - I'm sure I've got that wrong) is exceeded then they - I disassociate myself from Crash Gordon and his cronies - must have borrowed a hell of a lot. My question is, where did they borrow all of this money from? The BOE? Surely there isn't an unlimited pot, and if they continue borrowing does it lead to hyperinflation of some such financial faux pas? A simple-ish answer would be gratefully received! Ta muchly.
  4. I would, without a shadow of doubt, give one (or even two) to both of them. Preferably at the same time. If I had to choose my favourite? Kirsty.
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