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  1. GluePeter

    Kirstie Allsop On Twitter

    +1. Hit nail on head. She has seen the way the wind is blowing and will reinvent herself. The sheeple will fall for it, too.
  2. I follow Krusty on Twitter, mainly because I enjoy the anger that results from reading her smug mumsy posts. Anyway, one of this morning's missives from her: "Must start blogging re market conditions, things are changing, only in certain places but it's not good, I'm no fan of an overheated market" No fan of an overheated market - I don't remember her saying that a few years ago! WTF? She is @KirstieMAllsop if you want some enjoyable anger on this beautiful sunny morning.
  3. GluePeter

    Better To Buy Than Rent ?

    I think buying now can make sense, depending on your situation. I am about to buy a 3 bed house in West London for 410k - with 260k STR fund. So, I'll have a 150k mortgage - and I reckon prices might drop another 10-20% from here, over two years or so. So, by waiting I might got that house for somewhere around 350 - but will have paid 40k in rent over two years. So, will only be 20k better off by waiting for two years. Doesn't seem worth it - found a great house time to get on with making a home of it. I timed the top perfectly - STRed in September 2007. If you can get within 10% of top or bottom you have done well I reckon...
  4. Don't forget to factor in the rent you will be paying over the 2-3 years some of the OPs are suggesting. Prices will definitely be lower in 2 years time, but by the time you have paid rent and got bugger all return on your savings, net net you might not be much better off. A 15% drop on 200K will save you £30k but if you have paid £20K in rent was it worth the wait?
  5. GluePeter

    Nobody Else Is

    Julia Goldsworthy would get it.
  6. GluePeter

    How To Calculate Current Value?

    This is a good point. There probably was some work done on it, but nowhere near 175K worth.
  7. GluePeter

    How To Calculate Current Value?

    Thanks for links - v helpful. They would suggest something selling in Greater London at 245 in 2004 would be worth around 260 now. BUT - similar things to the property i saw today ARE going for around 400 lately. The pricing on that particular place does seem pretty aspirational, but there is a HUGE gap between what the stats suggest should be the selling price, and what I am seeing on the ground.
  8. GluePeter

    How To Calculate Current Value?

    You would have thought so, but if it sold at 245 in 2004 but is on at 425 now - something is not right..
  9. Hello, am thinking of putting in a cheeky offer on a place in Shepherds Bush, W12. I STRed in late 2007, I have been waiting to buy at peak -30%. It may go down more but i will be happy with that. We have fallen in love with a place we saw today. It last sold in 2004 for 245k. What do you estimate it would have gone for in 2007, to allow us to make a fair estimate of what peak -30% would be? Thanks.. P.S West London anecdotal if anyone is interested: properties in W12 are flying out the door. When priced realistically offers are being made and seem to be completing - although still at slightly below asking price. Spring bounce DEFINITELY in evidence.
  10. He also has a weekly radio show on Resonance 104.4 FM in London. You can download as podcast each week - well worth a listen. I have been listening to that show for about 5 years and Max (and co-host Stacy) basically predicted ALL of this.
  11. GluePeter

    Max The Man

    I meant NOT TO BUY A HOUSE..
  12. GluePeter

    Max The Man

    Max Keiser is a genius. I have personally known him for about 5 years - and he has had a major influence on my decisions and financial outlook - including decision now to buy a house.
  13. GluePeter

    Question Time Tonight B B C 1 10:35

    Ah, Peck-Nam. Should be a good one.
  14. GluePeter

    'gold-plated Public Sector Pensions'

    Incidentally, if you think public sector deal is that much better have you considered getting a civil service / local government / NDPB job yourself? There are plenty of them and I know lots and lots of other numpties who have managed to get through the door..
  15. GluePeter

    'gold-plated Public Sector Pensions'

    No i didn't look up the ONS because I can't be bothered. I don't need to see ONS stats to know i could earn more by leaving the civil service - the jobs pages illustrate this point quite sufficiently.

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