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  1. Weak pound would not only encourage Brits to holiday in the UK it would also mean cheaper holidays for foreigners here...... So yes buy buy buy Butlins
  2. First thread in a long time, friend of the wife has just been Gazumped on a new build by a local builder who's son she went to school with. Not only that but her parents too. Both have completed on selling their own properties and are all living at their soon to be sold parents house. Wife's friend went to school with the builder and he has basically strung both families along assuring them that he would let them complete at the agreed price until, (but letting them know he had had better offers a week before exchange. This will leave them all homeless shortly. It's pure greed, on the builders behalf.
  3. If you want to fast track your career, this is the only way to do it in my opinion, you get subjected to a lot of experience quickly, with training for every posting. If you are new to a position you naturally challenge the status quo at first, and can implement improvements. After a couple of years you are more likely to be systemised. Saying, that This is not the path I have taken having only worked for 2 companies in my career, but I have taken a number of roles in that time. I have 2 friends that are not outstandingly intelligent, that have done very well for themselves by moving around a lot.
  4. It's not necessarily a simple process to know what salt form or similarly co crystal is going to be your target when you start developing an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Issues effecting the choice are stability of the molecule, bioavailability and drug delivery method. If you are making an non injectable formulation, when you swallow the tablet you generally don't want extremely quick dissolution and high availability of the drug in your system but only for a short period of time. Many drugs only work in safe doses if you get a sustained therapeutic dose. There are cancer therapies in development that are designed to be targeted, so the drug travels around your body but is only released in controlled areas of the body. This is not an easy business and development is very costly. We have very good therapies that are cheap for a huge range of conditions now. Pharma companies need incentive to go for the serious illnesses where the total patient population is small. Otherwise we are not going to get the range of cancer treatments and other gene therapies we need.
  5. Plus students are getting a spanking on higher education fees. Got to make you think twice about your other expenditure.
  6. It's going to be another Mr Trebus type I imagine. My link
  7. Groucho did say this though on politics. "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies." I think we have to say he got that one right
  8. Will they ( the US) end up going for a massive pacific compensation lawsuit against Tepco ala BP in the gulf I wonder ?
  9. http://www.goodwithmoney.co.uk/ I wonder if they are going to re-examine their marketing strategy ?
  10. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=PVyS9JwtFoQ&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DPVyS9JwtFoQ Has to be this one surely ?
  11. This is possibly where Sibley works Hatch Batten
  12. I also think its the main bedroom as seen in picture 2. However, this came up on my search the other day My link These haven't been built yet , if you look at the 'pictures' this house looks very spacious. Then take a look at the floor plan and the actual room sizes and it makes a mockery of the images they are using, to my mind.
  13. There is an enormous market in fake luxury goods but Rolex, Gucci and Prada still do very nicely. I would imagine there is already a huge proportion of fake powered rhino horn, tiger ***** and dodo's toenails in the market place.
  14. Asking prices are certainly up in my neck of the woods and there is definitely some activity with houses marketed late last year going under offer or sstc. I'm pretty sure that the agents rely on constantly nudging up asking prices on newly marketed properties just to make their old stock look better 'value' and drive sales of the older stock.
  15. Does this have any bearing on cooperative insurance ? I've got a 25 year endowment paying out this month
  16. I think if you want 'value' you have to be prepared to make it yourself in the current market. There are plenty of sellers out there who are not prepared to go for 'silly offers'. They are either in no hurry to move or they need to achieve a certain price for one of a number of reasons. To achieve this you need to be patient, know the local market very well, establish a good relationship with the local agents and be in a position to move swiftly ( which the OP is). Every now and then there will be properties that come to the market that are relatively well priced, or they have come down in asking price and then the chain has broken and they return to the market. Try to find out the reason for the sale from either the agents or sellers, get an idea of what was paid and when, see what similar properties have achieved, then be prepared to try offers. 5% below asking on a well priced property may well be a better deal than 15% off an other that has been floated higher to allow for offers.
  17. You could write an essay for each of those questions you have just asked. I'm off to bed now but as a quick starter pay freezes are tough if inflation is significant. Most people would expect to be able to do a better job or be more productive with greater experience. So some further compensation to reflect that is fair IMO. From the Middle Ages to fairly recent history there have been periods of inflation, deflation And relative price stability. Deflation is the natural state if you think that the production of goods and services is incredibly more efficient with more and more advanced technology. Deflation is seen by economists as the greater evil as it discourages people from buying goods and services, if those people believe they will be cheaper tomorrow. There are a myriad of ways and means to increase inflation available to today's central bankers and government.
  18. Just got my annual pay rise details through today. 2.2% , that includes an increase in my grade scale (I'm 0.95 of the mid point) Private sector , exceeding expectations performance review. 1.6% is the company average this year apparently. Was just wondering what other HPCers were seeing lately ?
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