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  1. Role reversal! It is usually Scotland that doesn't get the government we vote for.
  2. This is all part of a very carefully coreographed plan B. The SNP now have a membership of over 92000. More than UKIP and the Lib Dems combinedand much much more than the North Britain branch of Labour. With Jim Murphy looking likely to be the new Labour North branch leader the SNP's membership can only grow. If the other parts of the UK vote to leave Europe then there will be another referendum. If the "vow" is not honored, which it won't be (around 30 MPs turned up at a debate about how to proceed with devolving more powers a couple of days ago), there will be another referendum. Scotland has got the rest of the UK by the short and curlies. Westminster MP's are to short sighted to see it.
  3. Shale gas extraction revenues could be held in a "sovereign wealth fund" for the north of England, the chancellor has said. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-29968603 What a marvellous idea. If only we had thought of it before! A case of what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.
  4. Jim "Eggman" Murphy isn't popular up here. He is London establishment through and through and the people know it.
  5. "Scottish Labour" are a complete joke. Lamont moaning that Scottish Labour is basically run from London. The irony. And now Murphy has thrown his hat into the ring to be the new Labour "leader" in Scotland. He isn't even an MSP but an UK MP. All this and Milliband is calling for previous Labour voters that also voted YES in the referendum to "Come home". The sheer arrogance. Labour are a complete shambles. That 45% is increasing by the day.
  6. I am going on holiday in a couple of days and I want to leave in a good mood. Not annoyed because of arguments on the internet. You believe strongly that a NO vote is the way to go and I believe the opposite. Nothing is going to change my mind and I don't suppose anything is going to change yours. No more arguments from me.
  7. Your questions are accompanied by personal insults. You can't expect people to have a sensible debate with you when you can't be civil.
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