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  1. Unless you are a Gypsy, of course. They have a large settlement on the outskirts of Cricklade that does not seem to require planning permission.
  2. LOL ! So I don't read books now ? You really are a twit. So because I was born in 1957 I don't read books ? I`m an avid reader, I subscribe to Private Eye and Interzone, I read at least two books a month. Most of these threads I just think s/Boomers/Jews/. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of course they are. The Jews are still signing all the next generations of Britons to perpetual debt. ..... and they're laughing at us while they do it. My generation HATES the Jews. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good luck with the camps.
  3. I`m insomniac so listened to the program. I did n't know that, although there was massive unemployment in Europe, it was financially better to use slaves than indentured workers, as the Europeans all died from malaria and the African slaves had a degree of resistance to it. Thanks for the link, the book is ordered.
  4. The new measures, forecast to raise an extra €4.8 billion (£4.3 billion) this year, will include a dramatic 30 per cent cut in the 13th and 14th extra monthly salaries that Greek public sector workers receive. I calculate that as a less than dramatic 4.8 % yearly pay cut.
  5. Just personal experience from companies I have worked for. Sorry it's just an anecdotal.
  6. Brilliant. We paid for the factories to be built in China. We paid for the plant and equipment in those factories. We sent the technology out there, and the engineers to train the Chinese workforce. Then fired our indigenous engineers and workforce. Now the bean counters think it might have been a mistake.
  7. But remember, according to Peter Mandelson, there is no shame in going to the IMF, it's rather like going to a health spa.
  8. A few months ago, my neighbours told me that their daughter (and partner) had bought an apartment in Dubai as a buy to let. Sometimes it's best just to bite your tongue and say nothing.
  9. Britain did not sign up to the Lisbon treaty, Gordon Brown did.
  10. Even in the darkest moments, huge increases in the standard of living...
  11. Oh God, he has a ten year plan. Selling off assets, efficiency in public sector.
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