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  1. How many people spend their time writing reports and "advising" how to fix things but have no responsibility or accountability?
  2. We don't need any more retail outlets or shopping malls. The number of shops standing empty is shocking.
  3. I feel infiltrated by either: 1) a senior hm treasury official; 2) an investment banker worried about his bonus; 3) sibleys father
  4. You are the vendor and I claim my 30% discount
  5. It's POA. Eg hopefully some Arab will see it and we can say "well, we were looking for 45 million but we'll take 40. And a camel." Welcome to the uk.
  6. My trick with estate agents is to actually sound like you know what you are talking about (even if you only know a little it's almost always more than they know. Disclosure: I rent and every year I easily negotiate no rise or a token 2% rise (not ideal but I don't have the inclination for a 25 hour conversation)
  7. Since GDP includes government spending, I wouldn't mind if it actually fell for a while instead of being propped up by borrowing more fecking money.
  8. How much do you think average house prices/household debt/rent would be if mortgages were made illegal? I suspect everyone would be better off (except the financial industry).
  9. I can only assume that you are in face an estate agent. I can only assume that you do not work in one of the big agencies, as it is their standard practice to overvalue the house to get the vendors interest, and in the last few years of stagnant prices, slowly chip away by "persuading" the vendors to drop their price by 10K. then another. Then another. A good estate agent - of which there are few - would tell the vendor realistically what they could get for it in the first place - and REFUSE the business if the vendor is not realistic. It's hardly rocket science. But the fact there are so many properties on the books of estate agents (and the horrendous ratio of sales), I'd say the estate agents are not doing their job properly. A simple cull of all houses on the books - by valuing them realistically - may get most vendors to realise that they cannot achieve their "expectations". Sadly most estate agents would never do this, and I do no understand why. If a vendor could not find an estate agent to market the property at £X, they might start to realise that they are living in dreamworld.
  10. "in a surpring move by the minister of the environment, a bill was introduced today in parliament making road vehicles over 15 years old illegal." March 2012 "in a surpring move by the minister of the environment, a bill was introduced today to tighten the rules on illegal cars, making road vehicles over 10 years old illegal." March 2013 "in a surpring move by the minister of the environment, a bill was introduced today in parliament making road vehicles over 7 years old illegal."
  11. The problem has nothing to do with housing benefit or any other f&*^in benefits (and the word benefits should be replaced by the word lifeline because that's what they should be). The problem is that the cost of shelter is too high but people in this country can't see the woods for the trees. They seem to confuse cause and effect. If you do not live in a house that you own (or rent from the bank!) then you should have 2 choices: 1. 100% tax on all income from the property 2. Sell the house. Housing costs would plummet and people would be able to live their lives without turning into self-serving bastards when it comes to property.
  12. Oh dear. I've been to Neath! Much like Port Talbot. And that's not a good thing. How do you get such small bedrooms into that house? Bedroom 1 11'8 x 10'4 Bedroom 2 12'4 x 12'3 Bedroom 3 12'4 x 11'2 Bedroom 4 9'5 x 8'5
  13. Sounds like protectionism to me. Which of course is OK for countries like the US, France and China, but they call it something different.
  14. I make a point of not watching anything they are on as they are the embodiment of everything that is wrong in this country.
  15. Is this for real? What, are they now holiday experts? Or is the only reason they are hosting this show because "Vacation" rhymes with "Location"? Jeez. I give up.
  16. Buyer beware. Isn't that the rule for proles buying second hand goods? This is no different to PE.
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