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  1. There are quite a few empty units on my high street (fairly affluent London). In the window of one, the notice for lease says "five year lease with annual UPWARD only rent negotiations".
  2. Exactly. Which is why you see Sarah beeney flogging landlords insurance. They may have to dumb down those adverts for the increasing number of accidental landlords.
  3. I hope he's not planning to take a helicopter home.
  4. My landlord asked for a 5% increase recently at renewal. He does no maintenance on the property and so I asked that he justify the rise. The letting agent was useless. I received no meaningful reply. I ended by listing things that needed to be rectified ( cleaning communal area regularly etc) and fixing some lesser items within 1 month of this notice and I would be prepared to pay 1.5% extra. Needless to say, my rent has not increased. This is central London.
  5. Sounds more like a tricky ascent of the north face of the eiger.
  6. "look!" "what?" "the woods" "you mean the trees?" The story here is that he stole £4000 from the taxpayer for his own benefit( parents). Lots of people seem quite happy about this, but vilify a politician who does likewise.
  7. Well they're being made in Wales so grass or wool I guess
  8. All we need is people to volunteer and patrol their own bit of shoreline in a dinghy, bathtub, whatever they have at hand. All together: Rule Britannia.....
  9. VoiceOver: Have you been sold a CDS that you didn't want, need or understand?
  10. I've been to Oakland at night. The video looks business-as-usual to me.
  11. We have travelled to a very dark place. We cannot live in a pyramid forever.
  12. Politicians who start their answer to a question with: "Look." I'm looking at you nu labour cronies.
  13. All of these problems can be solved rather easily if the price of shelter was not tied to speculative investment and propped up by government handouts.
  14. Maybe they've drunk 45k of stock since then.
  15. It might not be his house to sell for much longer if he carries on like that. I'm sure someone local could find the last sold price.
  16. Some companies can't balance books for toffee.
  17. I'm sure it was a Sunday and everyone was at mass.
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