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  1. Are you complaining about having a subsidised house? One in which you couldn't afford on the open market?
  2. I thought this was going to say that the ladder in Scotland is icier.
  3. I didn't see the phrase "hard working families" in there. They're going to have to do better if they want even more taxpayer-funded incentives.
  4. +1 It seems that it doesn't matter how you get the deposit (BoMaD,loans,government help), it doesn't seem to dawn on people that the fact your income is mortgage payment + monthly expenses, you might have to save some money in case your pipes burst, cat gets sick, dentist visit. I guess it's the society we have become (shortly before a short-sharp shock which is WAY overdue).
  5. To the OP, I don't think the notion is outdated. However, descriptions from the other posts and many, many other threads, suggest to me that it is the high cost of living (mostly housing - be it ownership or rental) together with the lack of any real sense of employment stability in middle to lower income brackets that causes the breakdown of society. If we don't deal with this then as a society we are buggered.
  6. Some of the comments on there suggest they are leveraged investors in China and sound very worried.
  7. +1. But look, we have pretty charts (some in colour).
  8. Out of interest. The faster payments thing. I have an hbos account and an hbos credit card. I pay off any balance on the card, but it takes 2-3 days for the money to move. Paying the council tax takes 1 minute for the funds to move.
  9. So, would we have to evict all of the Europeans who live and work in Britain, and those who claim benefits?
  10. And right on cue, on BBC breakfast the "reporter" asked a guy from the industry if they would be lobbying for something similar again! Join the fecking dots moron.
  11. At the time of London’s bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 the cost of the Games was estimated to be just over £4 billion. The costs were to be met by public sector funding of £3.4 billion, with a further £738 million from the private sector. After London was awarded the Games, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Olympic Delivery Authority reviewed the cost estimates and in March 2007 announced a budget of £9.325 billion. The Department has stated that public sector funding will not exceed this figure.
  12. You certainly used to. But yes, it certainly varies much by location.
  13. Trouble is that lots of listings don't include a floor plan. If you assume an average around 200 sq ft per room (roughly 14x14) and multiply by (2.5 + number of bedrooms). The 2.5 is for lounge/ kitchen and corridors/ cupboards. So a 3 bed "house" should be 1100 sq. ft. Note: I just made this up but seems a decent guide.
  14. So you think financial institutions making money from carbon credit trading is a good thing?
  15. 794 square feet for a 3 bedroom house?? I've seen bigger 1 bed flats.
  16. Awful website. I think Vienna being number one is interesting. I like it as you can still smoke in bars
  17. A very salient point which people should always bear in mind. As you get older, it might become apparent that your pension isn't keeping up with you.
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