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  1. I'd also add - buy a CO monitor. #I got one (£20) a few months back as our boiler always seems a bit ropey (renting). So far, so clear.
  2. Hmmm. Perhaps the problem is too many "regulators" in the way that end up cancelling each other out.
  3. Caveat emptor Edit: beaten by zebbede. Scriptor emptor.
  4. NI (and tax) used to fully fund the nhs. What happened?
  5. While I agree with the sentiment of your response, I believe the balance between nice , knowledgeable and forthright is not quite there. Try 25% more forthright and it should be perfect. Also agree with the previous poster - don't mention the deposit scheme (yet).
  6. When the jobs run out in Britain for partner/partner to both be employed, then house prices should fall. However, they will stagnate because we will see wage inflation to offset any losses the banks would have to absorb. They will make it happen.
  7. Can't anybody report on the fact that previous growth was built on cheap credit/MEWing and we may need negative GDP until we pay down some of the huge household debts we have?
  8. I would be interested in a breakdown of all families with 4,5,6,7,8,9 kids claiming benefits.
  9. I think the point is that help should be temporary. Paying a family £000's of pounds every month for years is not sustainable. Especially when they do not have the skills to earn the same amount privately. THINK.
  10. Jesus. I think half the people I know who are out of work are now "authors" or cupcake entrepreneurs.
  11. This is just one of the many symptoms of a selfish, scared and thus greedy society. We are pushed into a society where the cures for your 3 ills - money - becomes so essential that we are trapped in a circle of greed.
  12. Indeed. # It's probably worth about the same as he bought it for so a bit of a loss.
  13. Tax credits implies that you've paid too much in tax and are getting some of it back. It should be renamed tax theft.
  14. Nice to see the large satellite dish on the front of the house
  15. Should someone start a ratings agency for "think tanks" to grade their credibility??
  16. 2 houses part way through conversion to hotel. Credit crunched??
  17. My toxic load extends only to those who somehow feel happy to exploit others.
  18. No. My sadness for the plight of the human race continues.
  19. Don't forget to stock up on some WKD for your celebrations.
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