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  1. I agree. My point being that someone may offer 350 next year that they won't accept. Then in 2010 it will be "worth" 250. Classic chasing the market down. Their kid will be it university about the same time they are in negative equity
  2. They paid 225 for it 7 years ago. Why on earth they think it's more than doubled in price god only knows. They will be wishing they took the 420 next year when it's "worth" 350.
  3. Are you insane? Did you push the houseowner "post button" and fill in the blanks? "I bought a house in <desirable area>. Blah. Blah. Blah. And for desirable areas like <desirable area> I don't think it will even drop that much at all." Numpty. THEY HAVE ALREADY DROPPED BY 22% ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN ADMISSION!!!!!
  4. Queen's Park. Because most people who say they live there actually live in Kilburn.
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