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  1. i have "pent up" demand for a general election but it's not going to happen. ars e.
  2. the best thing you can do if you are facing unemployment is to have some babies. this will also help the BTL crowd since you are increasing the potential supply of future slaves tenants.
  3. you also get quicker payments if : you are a single parent whose partner has left you are an offender and are waiting for a trial or sentence
  4. Well the clues are really in the listing: Stamp Duty Paid Two Bedrooms No Chain Involved find out the square footage and offer £100 for each one. And remind them that price reflects the discount you expect for buying all of them in one go in the current market.
  5. I suspect they printed those a few months ago before they realised they were fecked. And the marketing dept probably aren't allowed to spend any more money, so they have to send out what they got. I suspect a pass-rate on application to be 1 in 100,000.
  6. Well, FTSE back down to 4000. Seems to be bouncing around 4000-4005. Now rallying at 4010.
  7. "As joint main agents we are pleased....."
  8. <"but Fergus says "the prices for two and three-bedders around here have not fallen much"."> That's because you own all the fecking properties "around here" and you haven't sold any yet! Once you start selling you will see just how much the prices have fallen "around here". Why does everyone think that "around here" is different. FFS.
  9. the FTSE dropped 100 points during Darling's 9 minute rant. Not bad! Now I wonder if he'll work out whatever is necessary.
  10. well the "Global" markets must be listening too. Dow 9,755.66 -569.72 -5.52%
  11. i see lots of ex-bank employees working in the re-patriated call centres. Expect more TV adverts about "all of our call centres are in the UK" and all sorts of patriotic stuff. All of course until the next credit binge. History is like a bike shop. Full of cycles.
  12. There'll be plenty more photo-ops before the year is out! 9967 as I type!
  13. was briefly at 10,013. What will the Fed do to stop the 10,000 barrier being broken?
  14. He's resigning to take a role in the new stage production of Blackadder IV ?
  15. I expect to see an increase in "stolen" cars going up in flames in the run-up to Christmas.
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