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  1. Just started. Seems it's still for sale RightMove When are they going to cancel this show???
  2. QUOTE (tegan @ Oct 24 2008, 10:11 AM) Surely with the government up to its ears in debt and desperate to take more on they cannot afford for the pound to collapse? If it continues to plummit won't they have to raise or risk foreign investors withdrawing their cash? A rise in interest rates would also have the side effect of getting banks to lend again. But you're assuming the government will act rationally. A very dangerous assumption
  3. They'll lower the interest rates because "it is the right thing to do". This will help "hard-working families" (who don't give a toss about the value of the £). It's all about mortgages to win votes.
  4. Hmmm.....I see a slight problem. Or is the comma meant to be a decimal place?
  5. I believe it is only 3 months now (or soon to come in effect). Interest only is paid.
  6. I agree it stinks and got no help from the government because I was just over the savings limit. I wouldn't like to lie about it though - pot/kettle/black etc. Just 'cos other people do it doesn't mean it's right.
  7. if i was the dj i'd play back-to-back: This is how it feels (to be lonely) - Inspiral Carpets Mr Blue - Yazoo or maybe "Here is the House" - Depeche Mode. And all while swigging on some Aftershock
  8. He's forgot about the law of unintended consequences (again!) If he wants banks to be lenient and accept more payment holidays (get out of jail free cards), and be more sympathetic, why the hell does he think they'll start lending again to these kind of people at the start of a recession. MORON.
  9. I can. She genuinely believes what Gordon tells her - it's a global (US) problem and nothing to do with Labbour. She really pi$$es me off. She's an idiot.
  10. my partner was pitching this story to the journos for the HSE. Had a photo shoot this morning with Ian Wright who is promoting it. I saw the piece on BBC Breakfast this morning - father not got long to live, son in same industry but knows the risks and how to avoid them. Sad. Apparently the BBC were VERY VERY nice with regard to this story, so they do some good.
  11. "We ended up getting a sub-prime mortgage as I couldn't verify my income at the time, having just started as a cleaning supervisor." I can't wait till Gordon gets the mortgage market moving again. ps this thread should have a health-warning on it. :angry:
  12. Hmmm, I'm sure most of them have a nice BTL portfolio to fall back on. Oh hang on....
  13. i'm sure someone made a lot of money from the development. Lady "Thamesmead" was renamed by tenants as "Dame Shat Em".
  14. It's vested interest. It's easier when you re-arrange the letters and get "Flagrantly Mend Snout"
  15. Anyway, back on topic. Currencies, like much else, are based on best-historical practice. And they will change as the world changes. Take something like distance. you may be quite comfortable saying "Ohhhh did you see the Olympics? I loved the 100 metres. He was obviously on drugs." But we are less aware of the fact that the "metre" was once defined as: one ten-millionth part of the quadrant of the earth, the so called Meter of the Archives was based on a measurement of a meridian between Dunkirk and Barcelona (1799) And now it's defined as: On October 20 1983, the meter was redefined again. The definition states that the meter is the length of the path traveled by light in vacuum during a time interval of 1/299,792,458 of a second the point being that 1 dollar, 1 pound, 1 yen, 1 euro really means very little in the modern world. Scam or not? I have no idea.
  16. No. But she will do something else which is "the right thing to do". What "the right thing to do" is, neither she nor any other minister who keeps spouting this phrase has any idea.
  17. What annoys me is the phrase "hardworking families will lose their home". Well just go rent one for half the price. Problem solved. And buy one when you can afford it. It's not bloody rocket science. Jeez. ps And it's not your home - it's the banks until you finish paying the mortgage. Lordi!
  18. anyone got any thoughts on the credibility of Standard Life? I was rather pi$$ed when they demutualised.
  19. Well, sadly there are two sides to every story. And it doesn't matter what "nationality" you are. I see lots of lazy Brits and lots of lazy Poles. I see lots of hardworking Brits and lots of hardworking Poles. What does piss me off is people who think they can expect all the good things about the UK (didn't you just have a baby on the NHS for free yet still complained that you had shitty service??) without having to deal with the crappy things (an overcrowded tube??). Well cycle or take the bus FFS. Life in any country can be good or bad - just depends on your point of view. [/]rant.
  20. "an educated guess from sophisticated economic estimates was that house prices would fall by another 5 to 10 per cent" fixed.
  21. Perhaps he should state outright that no goverment-backed bank will be allowed to issue a mortgage on a shared ownership property. I don't want my money being party to the latest round of the pyramid scam. Or perhaps a journalist could ask him that very question. But I doubt it.
  22. why would the government want to pay their debt when they encourage everyone else not to pay theirs? perhaps everyone in the public sector with a 2nd home could be made to sell it and give the profit to the government? Actually, that might add to the deficit
  23. well quite. i'd like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that house prices may fall.
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