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  1. Well quite. The use of the phrase "and have hinted they might buy some more.” is their spin on "hurry before they're all gone!!" and to answer the original question. Yes, they are now in the drawer with dogs and trees, and can be filed under Barking.
  2. Perhaps if they had RAISED rates by 1.5% in 2005 we wouldn't be in such a flap now
  3. So is he admitting that low interest rates make no difference?
  4. "vice versa" and "via" may be latin but they are EVERYDAY PHRASES. Get used to it FFS.
  5. well, the OED seem to think it's OK. noun 1 a sum of money added seasonally to a person’s wages for good performance. 2 Brit. an extra dividend or issue paid to shareholders. 3 an unexpected and welcome event. It's certainly unexpected by me and welcomed by them. So everyone's a winner.
  6. "People are not buying at the moment because they cannot get a mortgage". You can still get a mortgage if you can afford the repayments. Is she just thick?
  7. "Market Rent £325pcm. DSS/ LHA £425pcm" How come the taxpayer has to pay more than the private sector???
  8. sounds like an HPC flash mob auction. Much fun.
  9. a landslide for brown and our cups will runneth over. (average mortgage term will also be 40/50 years). Well, we are living longer, right? be afraid!
  10. I think he meant "no more Tory-style boom or bust" (much like chinese-style fried rice). He's come up with a completely new style of boom or bust. Bigger than ever!
  11. Perhaps there's a moose loose aboot her hoose.
  12. You only get one life (unless you believe in Mumbo Jumbo but that's a different thread). You only get one chance, FFS don't waste it worrying about this crap. Don't waste chances to do things because you are saving. You WILL regret it. Conversely, don't get up to your eyeballs in debt. You WILL regret that more. Have fun a waft of Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes drifts from the school disco. ....Who knows what tomorrow brings....
  13. sorry -- that was laugh out loud funny
  14. How does this policy affect people becoming unemployed? The usual process was that they would switch to IO and get the government to pay the interest after 9 months (now 3 months). If you can't switch, then you are truly fecked.
  15. i still go to pubs alot. Have many local ones, being in London. The thing I notice is that you have less "regulars" now, but more of those annoying people who might go to the pub once or twice a year and remark on the "joyous non-smoking atmosphere". Feck off ! I fear that in most pubs the atmospehere has inadvertently been removed with the smoke! Whoops.
  16. I agree. But you know in 10 years time the whole thing will start again and "hard-working families" will be able to buy their council home because "it's the right thing to do". Because when it's payback time the easiest thing to do is sell all of your assets. We've done it before so we'll do it again. Learn from history? Highly unlikely.
  17. Paula Cole - Where have all the cowboys gone? And no, I don't own it.
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