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  1. Watford has a cafe quarter? Do you know which arrondissement it's in?
  2. I'm not. (Yet. Seems like a nice option these days. You're not going to get credit for a few years anyway )
  3. unfortunately for detroit the car industry and big oil went hand in hand. What GM, Ford et al should have been doing during the good years was investing massive amounts of cash into R&D projects for sustainable fuel-cells and developing cars around them. Now the Japanese (and eventually the Chinese) will be so far ahead that they can never catch up. GM and Ford could have been world leaders but typical of all big business (Microsoft etc) they rest on their laurels and get trampled on by competition.
  4. But I saw some Danish dude on Newsnight saying Gordon Brown is the G20 chancellor elect and is "doing the right thing". So who's right?
  5. but i thought there was a housing shortage in london? they could easily sell these. No?
  6. he is inventing solutions for problems that don't exist. aaaam ooot.
  7. yes, but how many of you will end up watching it just to see what they say?? But I take no pleasure in the fact that the majority of the viewers are as gullible as a Shirly Ghostman audience.
  8. so is 25,000 the new 0? Best tell the mathematicians.
  9. I guess the government will be borrowing more money to fund this? Spend spend spend. That's the way.
  10. They will happily go back to lending at 2007 levels - it will just be spread out over the next 5 years. Prudence Mr.Brown, prudence. Look it up.
  11. probably another half-baked plan. But maybe they'll rise to the occasion.
  12. QUOTE (gavp @ Nov 9 2008, 11:46 AM) Clear to see now why the government were so incensced at Barclays' private sector bailout. The more big players that remain independent of the government the more difficult it is for them to create an irrational market and maintain an unsustainable boom. Full nationalisation of the baking sector next, anyone?
  13. "The judgment dismissed the human rights defence of the homeowners in arrears" Since when was it a human right to own a home? And if it was, then they should naturally be cheaper
  14. when government think they can "demand" that banks pass on interest rate cuts there can be only one outcome. The risk is offset somewhere else. Are you reading this Mr. Brown??? You are NOT in control. Step down and go retire somewhere warm.
  15. Hello? New borrower? Base Rate Tracker? Computers say Feck off.
  16. It will mean that new applicants will need an even bigger deposit than they do now because all the risk has now moved from existing borrowers to new borrowers.
  17. oh, and luckily they've just doubled the cost for you to have your biometric data collected. Which is nice. Linky
  18. I wouldn't mind ID cards if they actually worked. But they don't. Sadly this government don't believe in a Plan B. Because they find it hard enough to have a Plan A. And it's usually half-baked crap.
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