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  1. May be a few surprised employees who'vehad the rug pulled out from under them.
  2. For the love of God. Isn't it obvious to anyone in power that people have no money and giving them more credit is the WORST thing you can do. Why the hell do I bother paying taxes. I'm off to get as many loans as I can and then get an IVA and write off all the debt, except maybe pay £1 a month for the next 8000 years.
  3. The title of the show says it all. It relies on a rising market to work. In today's environment I'm afraid it's just simple mathematics: Price to buy: x Renovations (adding value!) : y Current valuation : x+y Don't forgot you'll lose all fees and monthly depreciation while you are "adding value". But I guess that's not good TV for the morning masses.
  4. And what happens to people where house1 is in the husband's name, and house2 is in the wife's name? And would they be classed as 2 hard working families????
  5. He should be careful of short-sightedness. When interest rates are 8+% in a couple of years he may be thinking differently. And falling into arrears will mean he will unlikely be able to switch to another fix in the future. But that's merely a personal opinion which is 100% guaranteed to be right or wrong.
  6. i'm all for rudeness in the right circumstances. Interviewer: So what are you doing to help OAPs, savers, people renting their property who couldn't afford to buy? Broon: These are unprecedented times. I am putting in place the right measures to protect us from the problems which started in America and we are better placed to come through it stronger than other countries. It is the right thing to do and we are getting on with the job in these unprecedented times. And it started in America. Interviewer: Answer the fookin question you fooking moron or get out of my fookin face. Goodbye.
  7. DailyMail - "Fat people have harder time selling their house as they make the rooms look smaller".
  8. Whatever it is I'm sure it will be the right thing to do. (btw Ed Balls is the latest ar$e to be heard spouting this phrase)
  9. Not under the guise of environmentalism That now supercedes any other PC issue.
  10. Reminds of a scheme I thought up that may come into effect at some time in the future. Pay-as-you-weigh. Step on the scales, pay your money and off you go. Especially now with all the carbon footprint stuff (or in this case carbon ass-print)
  11. Exactly. Don't have children if you expect other people to pay for them you moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. ***This post has been flagged by Her Majesty's Government Digital Media Online Monitoring Bureau for the Protection of Public Opinion*****
  13. I agree with this. I've always been a nintendo fan, but recently sold out and bought a micro$oft xbox since it was only £120 - way cheaper than Wii or PS3. (Although may have had something to do with Micro$oft buying Rare who make Banjo Kazooie )
  14. Oooooo. A website. Scary. This man should resign. He has no financial acumen. But he does fit right in.
  15. i wouldn't worry. Mr.Brown will do the right thing and pay everyone's mortgage for them. If you rent you're out of luck. Which I do. Of course I want my tax money to help "hard working families". The thing is I don't any.
  16. perhaps someone should have called in and ask K&P how a 21year old living at home would fund their BTL empire? Are the banks being irresponsible by not lending enough money? Or perhaps K&P could pitch in some cash to help out?
  17. He could build a shanty town with that lot and relieve the pent-up demand for housing. oh.....
  18. Definitely sure. Lynx stinks.
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