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  1. They follow the "clustering" approach which was pretty much invented by Starbucks. Cram as many as you can and take over an area - even if 2 of your brand are competing for the same business. It's called brand visibility and is worth the moeny. Apparently. Well, it used to be. Now people are sick of it. Look at Whorebucks.
  2. indeed. i used to always see these 3 estate agent guys in NW London outside a pub when I'd go for a ciggie. Always seemed to be "larging" it up and talking about houses, portfolios etc. Last time I saw them was a few months back - looking a little more sheepish than usual. Not surprisingly I have not seen hide nor hair of them since. I hope their portfolios are ok.
  3. something about low-governemnt debt and increasing lending again.
  4. I'm afraid it's just the law of unintened consequences again. NEW MORTGAGES big deposit needed. tracker? no. fixed? sure. 6+%. arrangement fee? yes please. £2K what if my home goes below LTV? Immediate payment needed or +2% on your rate.
  5. and that's the funniest bit of all. These slimy Eas (most off them) were buying property then flipping it, but holding on to ones for BTL pensions. Now I fear they are facing huge losses on their portfolios. I suspect anyone viewing properties nowadays are probably being shown only EA owned property.
  6. I am the Director of Internet Relations and Communications Protocol Advisory Board and Online Co-ordination of Diversity Integration Monitoring for a well known council and take great offence to this thread. I shall be spending all week reading this thread and will summarize in an important memo to be sent to my superiors. You have been warned.
  7. what we need is to nationalise banks so that we can get lending back to normal levels again to help hard-working families during this slowdown which started in America. I'm off to the sales to help the economy. Where's my credit card?
  8. A hedge fund by definition is a higher risk investment available only for the very wealthy. On the way up they were quite happy with the risk. On the way down? Oh, let's get taxpayer's help. You gambled and you lost. End of story.Pick your toys up and go home.
  9. i prefer waitrose myself. "well paid" decent staff who are mostly helpful. going into tesco scares me more than primark on a saturday afternoon!
  10. But I thought Linda Barker thought it "really, really worked"?
  11. Sorry. Nations are ******ed, Britain is a nation, ergo Britain is ******ed.
  12. Debt is wealth so we are richer. Please do try to keep up at the back.
  13. ...and to paraphrase "We're so f$%ked right now that we can't get any weaker ergo we must get stronger."
  14. you are the owner and I claim my £5 (to be paid over 18years).
  15. Well the point is that all you have to do is ask for the discount. No one pays book price these days. I've seen a flood of properties near me go on for rent, and they all seem to stick at the same level. Offering 10-15% off and you're guaranteed to get at least one bite.
  16. jeezuz. you had a 5year fix, you now want to get out after 20 months. the fee is in the contract. you pay for the stability of a 5year fix. what is wrong with people? pay the fee and get on with your life. lordi!
  17. If you can't afford to feed your own children then I fear you have other problems. What they really need to do is buy a house and become rich overnight.
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