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  1. Out and about in London last night - all the restaraunts/cages/bars were heaving. I was slightly surprised.
  2. Indeed. All the ones I've seen seem to attract the dregs of society.
  3. Indeed. And pay for the childminder. A ver messed up situation. It also comes under the guise of empowering women in the workplace - which is fine if it means the other half looking after the house and kids. But it doesn't.
  4. Well, the big money is tv rights, so they just need to create another euro or world champions league. There's no end to the stupidity of the average supporter. Why the deck is there such a thing as the europa league? Revenue. "Look. We're in a competition with all the other losers"
  5. Spot on. In London, I've seen many local pubs being shut, or bled to death, by new rules "in consideration for our neighbours" which become more and more restrictive. Happens a lot where new luxury living apartments spring up.
  6. And what are the government going to do to help these hard-working families?? I dread to think.
  7. The original post seemed full of conflicting anecdotal evidence that I believe it to be made up.
  8. Good luck. Comments are "moderated".
  9. "mortgage lending rose and house prices picked up in January". Why is this good news?? For bankers yes. For human cattle, no.
  10. I think this is the ace in the pack for salmond. Sell all the wetness to England for lots of money. This will be the new oil of the future.
  11. Some unemployed person said that the government should pay her mortgage instead of just the interest. Huge round of applause. Victoria said that yes, because you own your home you don't get help but you would get more help if you were renting!
  12. What does this have to do with the government?
  13. It will double in value when we can transmit energy wirelessly.
  14. The whole system is over-complicated and unfair. Why are the government subsidising private enterprises with a million different credits?
  15. I rent in London but would never want to buy. The people I know who have bought here become suddenly moribund. Like buyers remorse. Way overpriced and always looking over their shoulder hoping more people are queuing behind them. Bit like a pyramid scheme really.
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