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  1. Perhaps the national lottery could start giving away cars as a cash-equivalent. If you win the jackpot you get 500 cars.
  2. Take a tesco jar of pickles. No, please.
  3. I suspect Paul the "executive" may be asking the government for mortgage help this time next year. So I wonder how that will affect his lawsuit? Perhaps he could have some of these social tenants help with laundry, cleaning etc and create a bit of a bonded labour feel on the Bellend estate.
  4. Judging by the hideous decor I'd say a refurb was needed anyway. So who gives a crap what people do in their rental accommodation. If you don't like it as a landlord then don't rent it out. ("But it's my pension" HA) And I disagree with the "it's his house he can put whatever restrictions on it that he wants". People are odd and peculiar. It's called life. If we were all non-smoking non-pet owning non-DSS people then I guess we'd live in a fairy dull society. Although most people already do I suspect. ps It's probably not his house, but the banks.
  5. 100% Overpriced This one in London makes me cringe when I see it. Deluded springs to mind. It's on with about 900 agents! Highlights include: TV power and Ariel points on the walls ideal for plasma TV's. Is this a plug socket or something more clever???? Total sq ft: 483 (45sq m) approx HIP: Available TO RE-ITERATE: 325K for a 2 bed, 483sq ft flat in the roof space!
  6. The rising price of pyschiatric treatment? Or is that fully covered on the NHS?
  7. Is there anything that people won't use this human rights law for? You made an investment and lost. Now close the door on the way out. FFS.
  8. i guess Gordon forgot to mention that people should be spending their savings in the UK, not abroad. Oops.
  9. same thing. just slightly smaller rooms with bscuit carpet.
  10. Better to have 0% savings interest than -20% property interest. Hold on - cue the "in it for the long term" argument.
  11. erm/ how the feck does an industry in the middle of a financial crisis get the money to finance cashback and 0%loans. or was i sleeping through the whole thing and miss the green shoots of recovery???
  12. the lowest Sky-mix he would consider is £45. What a [email protected]!! And I'm not sure that "IT Professional" and £15K salary go together. His wife might want to divorce him as he sounds like a bit of an albatross.
  13. Are they at the bottom or still coming down? Make your f-ing mind up mate.
  14. Has the mortgage market recovered? Yes. It is back to where it should be - high deposit and low income ratio. You WILL get a mortgage in these conditions. This is normal. Had the question been "Has the mortgage market recovered back to the insane levels of 2007?" then no.
  15. i was told his ringtone was "I Believe I can Fly".
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