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  1. Do you use phrases like "coming on stream" in the real world or just on t'internet??
  2. What if you have a sign in your car saying : "This car is definitely not for sale. Definitely DO NOT CALL Jenny on 0207 xxx xxxx' to find out why it is NOT for sale".
  3. [email protected] On one hand houses are becoming affordable, but getting a mortgage is a nightmare. So do you have the money to buy these affordable houses? No. Then they are NOT affordable. God I despair. Oh, and I just read that in USofA you can now get fixed-rate mortgages (4.85%) with no money down with a term of 30 years - some banks using the TARP money apparently. Link Are we far behind?
  4. Depends if you think the AskingPrice is 50% overvalued as to where you think the price will be in 12-18months. If it is then tell them that's your maximum offer. Depends on kind of house/location etc. If it's a new build flat, walk away. If it's a period property with some character then it's all about where you want to be in 5 years/lifestyle etc.
  5. 12 March 2009 * Status changed: from 'Available' to 'Unrealistic Vendor seeks Gullible Buyer' [Found by snotters1]
  6. hmmm. but stamp duty didnt seem to discourage buying and selling houses before? what's happened? oh yeah - people have realised prices are too high! when they drop to affordable levels, they will be more than happy to pay the stamp duty. nothing to see here. move along please.
  7. I don't know if it's your avatar, or your turn of phrase, or both, but I did laugh out loud
  8. you want to buy another house???????????????????
  9. use property bee to look at the area. should see what reductions are being given on advertised prices. then offer 10% less. in times like these, it's also worth saying that you will pay 3 months in advance - with interest rates low you are not losing much, and it helps them to accept the 10% reduction.
  10. You are not physically hurting anyone, but the whole notion of BTL as pensions and free money is exactly what lead to the insane house prices fuelled by Tom Dick and Harry being given leveraged money by banks. This has lead to taxpayers money being used when the inevitable happenned - house prices went down.
  11. I thought the whole point was to allow banks to start lending again to people who clearly can't afford it ?
  12. yes but he never saw anne robinson's points of view.
  13. [delurk]thanks for the advice. your name speaks volumes.[/delurk] oh. and if you have any other names that you post under do let us know.
  14. My advice (for what it's worth - which is £0 in case you ask) is: Would you considr buying the house if it was in no way tied to your family history? What would you pay for the house if it was in no way tied to your family history?
  15. And how many of these "people" do you think have enough money to buy a house or get a mortgage or even have a deposit. You know there are people that view houses every weekend with no intention of buying. And some of them just go to have a laugh at the deluded prices still being asked
  16. RTS Awards - News Channel of the Year BBC News Channel "The winning news channel delivered a fantastic series of scoops on the story of the year. It was a channel you had to watch to keep abreast of the breaking economic news."
  17. the whole cycle starts again. The trouble is, the cycles are becoming so small that we'll get to the stage where we're booming at breakfast and bust by lunch.
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