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  1. Unfortunately I'm also unavailable to comment.
  2. yes yes. make sure you chop it up into horrible little boxes for the poor people to enjoy. to the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. "In previous recessions countries did not come together and they lasted longer" What lasted longer? The countries or the recession? Is he advocating protectionism?? The man is deranged and belongs in no position of power. Hello? Hello? Anyone out there?
  4. interpretation: HELP US FOR GOD'S SAKE. PLEASE.
  5. sellers realistic? Fairly unusual. I saw the oddest news story the other day (I think!). Women repossed. "Bought" house for 44000 years ago. "Valued at " 120000 at sometime. Chucked out, and bank sold for 60,000 at auction. She said they could have just sold it back to her for that price. What? But she wouldn't sell it for less than 120,000. I was most confused. Maybe someone else saw it? I couldn't work out what the hell was going on.
  6. as an aside, my new word of the week is now "conspiraloon".
  7. i thought this whole upper-case STRAWMAN was legally boll0X ? calling Injin.......
  8. Beware Domino's Pizza. A front to support narrow-minded Christians.
  9. hallelujah. developers have put some of the ugliest and cheap buildings up and almost destroyed edinburgh's character. get rich quick scum. good bye and good night.
  10. I think we're at the stage where only the completely stupid and ill-informed will be paying anywhere near a ludicrous asking price. Bullship Trap indeed.
  11. But you don't need a repayment vehicle when your house is increasing in value by 10% a year. You can just use the money to pay off the.....uh-oh. Hindsight is indeed a wonderful thing.
  12. That's more criminal than shared ownership
  13. you do know there will be 3million unemployed people next year don't you???? here's a sample mortgage quote they will commonly see: Applicant 1 Annual Income £ 0 Applicant 2 Annual Income £ 0 Based on the information you have given us you could borrow up to a total of £0 Please try with some other values.
  14. Sounds to me that certain BTL speculators are slightly concerned that perhaps they haven't being paying enough tax, if any. Oh dear. Why on earth would you defend people who are avoiding tax? If you BTL and pay proper tax, then fine. Good luck to you, but I fear a severely depreciating asset is not the best investment. But that's another story.
  15. and it's for this reason that Broon continually rattles on about "global" problems requiring "global" solutions. If we all do the same stupid things then we are all in exactly the same position. Problem is - the UK starts from a much worse position than most other developed nations - mostly because of the disaster of Brown's 10year chancellorship.
  16. Since the OP was talking average house price, perhaps an average job should suffice?!
  17. No and no. Tell him to get off the bloody phone and deal with this deluge of offers he is getting. To the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Perhaps they can't afford heating and lighting. But they are "on the ladder" so everything's ok.
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