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  1. and if you are thinking of complaining to the BBC about the repeats of these programmes (some from the very height of the boom where everyone's a winner), don't bother - here's my reply from the man. Dear Mr xxxxx, Thank you for your e-mail regarding 'Homes Under the Hammer'. I understand you firmly believe that it is irresponsible of us to show the series given the current situation in the property market. While we try to provide a wide range of programmes across our television output that will be of interest to every section of our audience, there will inevitably be times, hopefully rare, when what is on offer does not meet your own particular interests. I do understand that you consider the broadcasting of this programme to be insensitive and to this end please be assured I've registered your complaint on our audience log. This is a daily report of audience feedback that's circulated to many BBC staff, including members of the BBC Executive Board, channel controllers and other senior managers. I'd like to reiterate that all feedback we receive, whether positive or negative is always appreciated. We're committed to developing better links with you, our audience. Thanks again for taking the time to contact us with your comments. Regards xxxxxxx xxxxx BBC Complaints
  2. good idea but i think the train may have left the station. Where I am (NW London) there are letting agencies sprouting up everywhere. Even one that appears to be 24x7, but I think that's more "holiday" lets.
  3. well, imagining the figures, she could have said this: We found a new-build slavebox at £150,000. We have saved 10% - £15,000 - as a deposit. Bank wants 25% deposit on aforementioned new-build slavebox. Her conclusion? Borrow free money from taxpayers. My conclusion? Slavebox is overpriced by £90,000. 25% deposit is now £15,000. Sorted.
  4. it was me and my friends. Bit too many twitchy curtains on that road for our liking though.
  5. are you one of these people that watch Karate Kid and find it intellectually stimulating??
  6. in this climeate you could probably haggle and get them to pay you for taking out an AST. If they are getting a %age of the monthly rent, they'll bite your hand off.
  7. Yes. But....but....but after 2 years surely she would have enough equity in her house to pay off the mortgage?? That's how it works, innit?
  8. "And they are being punished in the credit crunch for nothing worse than stretching to buy a house. " Stretching. Lying. Same thing. Won't anyone help them?
  9. And I wouldn't go on a fecking hunger strike if i had 4 kids. Go find a fecking job. Do you not see a slight problem with that?? To$$er.
  10. pillock. sell the house you moron and stop having kids if you can't afford them. hopefully darwinism will not be skewed by some idiotic social safety net that's turned out to be a rather relaxing social hammock.
  11. sadly we live in a world where kids expect everything for free. they don't realise they have been shafted by branding and advertising monoliths and when they grow up they will be very pissed off indeed. I can only hope.
  12. "Joined: 12-October 05" What the hell do you think you are doing? Jesus wept. new build? shared ownership? Hello? Hello? Anyone in there? This country is fecked. Aaargh.
  13. where's aberdeen angus? (or whatever his name is with the aberdeen sig).
  14. Cigarettes : £14.99 Pint of beer: £8.50 :angry:
  15. what the hell is that thing meant to be? havfe we learned nothing???????
  16. shitholes. sorry i meant "executive studios". is it in a "vibrant area".
  17. :angry: "At Long Last" ???? We haven't even bloody started yet. God I hate red-tops. (And yes, I do consider it one!)
  18. hmmm. how much do you think your house as "increased in value" over the 3 years that you have had it? You may find that it's actually worth less than you paid for it. Or would that just make you "hunker down" until you get the profit you think you deserve??
  19. i believe £17,500 would be a fair price.
  20. i'm thinking that people are now so numb to this whole financial disaster that we will be led into the next stage and wonder how we got here. i say tell goodwin to feck off and sue the government if wants his pension. the fact that the new boss wants to "draw a line under it" is pissing me off.
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