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  1. Sorry. You'll have to get you own contract (meeting of minds) with injin.
  2. Injin, could you do me a favour? Go get a few million pounds of loans from a bank and give the money to me. Then you can tell the bank why you are not going to pay them back. Only then will I trust what you say. Then everyone's happy.
  3. While I mostly agree, I'd perhaps give someone 4 months HB in any 3 year period as a safety net. But alas it's no longer a safety net.
  4. If you are given authority to use these functions in CA-7 then you can do what you want. Someone who didn't know what they were doing were given such access.
  5. sounds like the days scheduling was deleted (the queue) when they backed out the scheduler change. You could re-apply the schedule, but they probably didn't notice until the next day. It's all automated these days you see!
  6. I guess the days of helping out your family are long gone. Shouldn't the parents just give the house to the daughter if it's owned outright? I guess it's now morally acceptable to screw the system. Probably the type that also criticises where their tax money goes.
  7. Surely it would make sense that you have to be domiciled in the UK for say 3 years before eligibility for UK bankrupt laws. Otherwise, you default back to where you lived previously? It seems people just pop into the UK knowing full well they are about to go bankrupt.
  8. WTF is that meant to be. Not sure why they bothered with the floor plan that doesn't include measurements.
  9. Watch out for toll road companies "lobbying" for increased speed limits on their patch because they have data which implies it is safer.
  10. Even the front door looks sad.
  11. It's a perfectly natural cycle 1. Cheap money and loose credit. 2. Influx of people to the land of milk and honey. 3. Government giveaways to all. Long tenure. 4. Greed. 5. Collapse. We are now at the stage where short sighted people have completely forgotten steps 1-4 and wonder why 5 happenned. Government at the time must do anything to keep unemployment figures down as this is a major influence on the voting of the masses. It's frankly a disastrous system.
  12. I thought everyone already went through the mis-selling of endownment phase and lots of people got compensation?
  13. There's probably an interior door from the garage to the house.
  14. Are you being serious or deliberately obtuse? Having been out of work a couple of times, my savings ensured that I didn't need any government handouts. Would you rather I'd spent all my money during the good times and had none left for the bad times (cf new labour)?
  15. Since there is free movement of labour within the EU, it appears the EU has enough welders already. What kind of trades does the UK have an excess of, which we can export?
  16. Not really. We've learned how to build higher and higher buildings through the history of buildings. The fundamental goal of enhancing our species through learning to become non-violent is a much slower process.
  17. Thanks, that does sum up my position. As a species, we should learn from history, not repeat the bad bits.
  18. Are you suggesting that we continue our extremely violent evolution and kill all of the nobility? I'd rather learn from history and not just read it. Id rather take away their privilege by non-violent means thank you.
  19. Having lived in both the uk and the USA, the are much the same. Common sense is devoid in both. The uk just has the extra burden of bankrolling an extended family of elites.
  20. I agree to a certain extent. I believe it points to the argument of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. I've noticed a huge decline in the number of people on a Thursday night in Camden, which tends to be people living month to month. One night it was like a ghost town.
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