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  1. Because to do it properly will take years thus safeguarding their jobs. Doing it your way could be fairly automated and that wouldn't do.
  2. Try here Note that the homebuy site is NOT a government site.
  3. "HomeBuy Direct is being replaced by HomeBuy Direct Plus, a new government scheme to enable more first-time buyers to ensure their future is one of debt and misery."
  4. Actually, that was last years figures. They've gone up since then BOB CROW, RMT - £128,226 Pay: £84,923 Pension contributions: £28,088 Expenses: £9,931 Travel (including petrol): £5,284
  5. Bob Crow (RMT) - £79,564 in salary, £26,115 in pension contributions, £13,013 expenses He has to do something for that - even if it's the wrong thing.
  6. Joseph Eugene Stiglitz is an American economist. Full stop.
  7. Just covering their backs? They are worried about inflation (good quote to bring up when inflation is rampant?) but don't want to raise interest rates because they are not allowed?
  8. I would have asked to see his Estate Agent's licence.
  9. I believe the poster was talking about NEW immigration. Not that I condone any sort of border police.
  10. Is this a joke post??????? Your girlfriend has lost her temporary job. You just bought a house in March? You can get by in the short-term. Just. Are you telling me that you now would like someone else to pay for part of your house? Or have I misunderstood your question? What kind of benefits does she feel entitled to?
  11. If someone is struggling to pay their mortgage, it's highly likely they've been using the CC to pay other stuff, or to stay alive since the mortgage is usually the first thing to get paid. Do the decent thing and repossess them - they'll probably be better off rather than worrying themselves to an early grave over "their" home.
  12. Some would argue the cuts are not big enough. Do you realise the implications of overpriced housing stock on a viable economic nation?
  13. I'll probably wait until the great flu pandemic comes and wipes out a chunk of the population. It's as good a strategy at any when it comes to the irrational UK obsession with property and HPI.
  14. Indeed. I'm getting to the stage where I wish that during the crack-up boom period I had applied for all the loans and credit cards I could, probably amassed a good 1/4 million in credit, move it offshore and then claim bankruptcy. Sit back for 5 years and then start all over again. Moral hazard is not something that this country seems very interested in.
  15. Perhaps they calculate it, but don't publish it?
  16. Well if the maximum fine of £20,000 but can add tens of thousands to a property's "value", then it's a no-brainer for these hardworking families. Harbour view. Because you're worth it.
  17. They keep saying this as if it's a bad thing. Can some journalist PLEASE PLEASE ask them, in a one sentence answer, why HIGH house prices are good?
  18. History date event 24 January 2010 * Price changed: from '£1,800,000' to '£2,300,000' [Found by n/a] 18 December 2009 * Initial entry found. [Found by n/a] Double hmmmm.
  19. by definition, it means that a working person must endure the state of a property in the 1st to 29th percentile, while someone receiving housing benefit has the grandeur of a property in the 30th percentile. Are benefits meant to encourage long-term work, or dissuade it?
  20. I believe it means the 30th cheapest property out of 100. (50th percentile would be the average). Or something.
  21. So what happens to that family who were in the seven-bed house at £10K a month or something?
  22. The role of BANKS is to lend money to viable/could-be-viable businesses. Banks should make money through reasonable risks. It is NOT the role of government. What other "businesses" should the government be helping? Where do you draw the line? Short-term nonsense.
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